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It admitted, however, that the original bonds were voted for a majority the qualified voters.

was voted for a majority the qualified voters, the defect in the It also said that the act was repealed Battle's Revisai.

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In section the revisai, provided No act a private or local nature no act containing a grant eorporate privileges or iruposing duties report writing assignment help any particulnr county Inconsistent Writing essay websites with the generai provisions law, shall construed repealed the second section this chapter. It would seem, therefore, that the validity the original issue of bonds can sustained under the amendment. In addition this, the authority make the subscription this railroad can found in section, the public Laws North Carolina, brought descriptive how to be a better essay writer essay help forward as section the Code North Carolina The board commissioners any county proposing take stock in any railroad coinpany shall meet and agree upon the amount subscribed, and if a majority the board shall vote for the proposition, this shall entered upon the record, which shall show the amount proposed tô subscribed, to what Company and whether in bonds, money or other property, and thereupon the board shall order an election held a notice not less than thirty days for the purpose voting for or agalnst the proposition subscribe the amount stock agreed the board county commissioners. And if a majority the jualified voters the county shall vote in favor the proposition, the board county commissioners, through their ehairman, shall bave Power subscribe the amount stock proposed them and submitted the people, subject ail the rules, regulations and restrictions other stockholdors in such company.

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Provided that the counties, in the manner aforesaid, hall subscribe from time time such amounts either in bonds or money as The record shows, extract from the minutes the county commissioners Henderson county, that ist July, they unanimously resolved recommend the qualified voters Henderson county the subscription, in county bonds and coupons attached, the capital stock the Greenville French Broad Railroad Company, for which an annual tax was levied, the bonds mature at the end years, and bear, interest. The board county commissioners ordered that the question subscription submitted the vote the people the county. The election was regularly held, the subscription approved the people, and the subscription made.

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The conditions the subscription were that no bonds issued until ail the stock the road was subscribed that the whole subscription expended for work and labor donc in Henderson county, and not elsewhere that no bonds issued until the road let out and in progress construction in said county that the road should run through the town Hendersonville, and a depôt be located within the corporate limits and that the bonds issued as the cxigencies the case required. The fedeçal courts sustained the subscriptions made under decisions the Supreme Court North CaroHna unreversed and in force at their date. It was held that the contracts made under these circunistances could not writing dissertation invalidated subsequent decisions. holding these bonds invalid. No bondholder was a party this suit.

It was wholly between county officers, and cannot treated as res judicata. The same rule applies the original bonds issued Henderson county, application essay help refund which the bonds in help to write an essay question in this case were issued.

These original bonds each bear this statement The Commissioners the County Henderson regularly represent the body the county aforesaid, having made a oo'porate subscription the capital stoels the Spartanburg Asheville RaiU'oad Company, which stock, with the dividends accruing thereon, in the hands trustees for the holders said bonds and pledged for the payment the said bonds and having ascertained the sense the qualifled voters thereof favor a corporate subscription the capital stock the said railroad company an election duly held for that purpose, having caused these bonds issued meet the instalments application essay editing due upon the county subscription said company, and the whole done under the authority conferred and in conformity with the Constitution compliance with the law under which they were issued, the purchasers are not bound look further for evidence a compliance with the conditions annexed the grant power issue them, and the county estopped deny, as against bona fide purchasers, parts the jourrials the two houses are in the record. These journals show that the second and third readings the bill the ayes and nays were taken and recorded as required the Constitution. But said that the journals not show that the bill had a first reading. the rules were suspended, and this bill taken and passed its third and final reading a recorded aye and nay vote. best custom essay The Senate Journal, March, shows that this bill was received from the House, read a first time, and referred. It was reported favorably on March, and passed its second reading I March, a recorded aye and nay vote. On March, passed its third reading a recorded aye and nay vote. No one having buy college term papers even a slight acquaintance with parliamentary proceedings but knows that, when a bill introduced and referred, must have had at least one reading.

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