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Gold for the most part comes from Siberia, California, Australia, and South America. Ivory, made of elephants teeth, sent from Africa, but the best from the island of Ceylon. The best lace made in Belgium and France. Muslin the best sort manufactured in Bengal.

Oil the finest kind for eating imported from Italy. Oranges grow in Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Cape Verd islands, Madeira, and the Azores.

Pearls are found diving near Ceylon. Plums and raisins are dried, and sent from Turkey and Spain. Rice cultivated in China and the dissertation abstract East Indies.

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Rum made from sugar in Jamaica. Silk worms are bred in Italy, China, the Caucasus, and Persia.

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Silver found in Mexico and South America.

Spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, pepper etc.

grow in Ceylon, and the Moluccas. Sponge found in the Mediterranean Sea, i need help with thesis statement near the Archipelago islands. Tallow comes from Russia.

Timber chiefly comes from Sweden and the European Union. Cigars the best kind come from Cuba write my essay reviews writing services us and Manilla, andtabaccofrom Virginia, and Turkey.

Toys are cheap essay help mostly made in Germany. Whalebone made out the bone whales, a huge fish caught off Greenland, Whisky comes college writing service from Scotland and Ireland. Wines are made in Portugal, Madeira, Spain, France, Sicily, Cape Good Hope etc. Wool the finest kind comes from Saxony and Spain. Of the Difference and Distance a Mile in Is the length a mile the same in every country? very different for the English mile much less than the Indian the Indian, than the Spanish the Spanish, than the German. What an English mile? An English statute mile consists feet, or yards. What nations agree nearly in this measure? The Turkish, Italian and old Roman mile nearly one English.

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