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On the other hand, many persons jump from great heights into water with write my term paper free perfect impunity. For many weeks at the London Aquarium a performer has nightl jumped into a tank from an elevation feet, and several persons have successfully jumped from bridges much higher. Objects in the water that may account for cadaveric lesions are numerous. I have known a soldier, a good swimmer, to break his neck diving from a river bank. Other traumatic lesions may occur in a rapid current, from the breaking of ice, from the screw or paddle-wheel a passing steamer, or A matter much discussed in connection with this subject that shark-bites best essay help may enter into the question survivorship where alleged that several persons during shipwreck or other disasters at sea have been devoured sharks.

Though an occasional accident, such bites are more a figment the mind than a reality, as the concurrent testimony disinterested observers will show.

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After years investigation among nautical people and much experience as a swimmer in widely different parts the world, I have no personal knowledge of such injuries, and have met hut two persons that had any actual personal knowledge shark-bites. Documentary evidence as shark-bites also very scanty. During the last fifty years soldiers the tens thousands have swum at Fort Monroe, Virginia, yet there no record one having been bitten a shark nor have I been able to ascertain that any accident the kind has occurred at Malta or at Gibraltar.

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There does not appear a record any one ever having been bitten off the British Isles.

I have been unable ascertain that a single bite the kind reported among the medical records our War or Navy Department or those the Marine Hospital. In the West Indies but few facts are reported indicating danger from sharks, and these are not well report writing help for students authenticated. The same may said as newspaper accounts, which deserve about as much credence as the reports concerning sea-serpents.

A few years ago a public journal gave an account a boy who was bitten while swimming near New York and afterward died in a hospital. But medical literature has a few reports shark-bites. After ten years diligent search I have found seven references, the earliest in the London Medical Gazette, and the latest in the London Lancet.

The bites occurred in Australia, South Africa, and India. The Hooghley and Ganges Rivers are the worst place in the world for sharks and research paper buy alligators.

professional college application essay writers A particular kind shark, the Carcharras Gangeticus, which very fierce and bold, sometimes dashes among the crowds at the bathing ghats, and has been known bite a boy in two feet water. All persons bitten at these places generally die from the bite, for the reason that the shark, living carrion, portions which stick between the teeth, carries infection to those whom may afterward bite. The former habit of throwing the dead in the river supposed account for the boldness these particular sharks in attacking the human Self-inflicted wounds rather suggest suicide, as numerous instances attest, where one or two kinds death were intended make assurance doubly sure. I once saw an Eskimo stab himself and then jump overboard from a ship off the Siberian coast. But as a rule suicidal drowning unaccompanied by traumatic best site to buy research papers lesions, unless those produced falls. Hence the absence lesions leads the presumption that the individual while living fell into the water or other fluid accidentally Exception may made in the case infanticide and homicidal submersion as the result surprise, where a person taken unawares suddenly and unexpectedly pushed or thrown into the water. A case in point that a man suddenly robbed and seized three persons, who threw him into the river.

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