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Several wounds the same or different weapons cannot, therefore, proof homicide.

The case a lunatic suicide reported who inflicted thirty wounds upon his head. In a case homicide with multiple wounds the situation my custom essay or direction some one or more them may give evidence as the origin the wounds. Ogston, Sr.

states that especially in the probably the resistance the victim in this case and his remaining passive cheap essay writing service usa in the former. The extent the wound refers the number and importance of the parts injured.

In regard incised wounds the neck, this writers for research papers point has been thought some furnish presumptive evidence paper writing help online suicide or homicide homicide if the wounds are deep, suicide if they are not.

While true that suicidal wounds the neck are, as a rule, not very deep, and that they seldom reach the vertebrae and generally not divide the vessels more essay homework help online than one side, yet sometimes such wounds are as deep and extensive as homicidal ones. This may imply a determined purpose not foiled in the attempt at suicide.

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Thus Marc reports a case suicide an incised showing the Tentative Cuts at the Commencement and the Serrations at the Termination the Wound.

wound the neck, where the wound was deep as reach the vertebrae or their anterior ligaments and divide the trachea and oesophagus, both carotids need help on my essay essay writing help for high school students and jugular veins. The extent this wound was greater than in most suicides, but still can hardly lay down a hard-and-fast rule much practical value according M hich extensive wounds are evidence murder. Such wounds are, however, presumptive of murder taken in connection with pay for paper other signs pointing that way. The question may arise in regard a wound, whether the victim tvounded himself precipitating himself the weapon.

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This may alleged the defence, but help with dissertation writing difficult believe if the wound deep, for the body would naturally repulse the weapon. may or may not consistent with the literature review writing service theory selfdefence.

If the direction part the person holding then the above allegation doubtful, if not impossible. By comparing the relative positions the deceased and accused, as indicated the witnesses and accused, with the position and direction the wound, may often judge whether the allegation possible or probable. Besides the above points derived from the ound itself, there are several other factors which belong the categor of circumstantial evidence, but which come within the province the medical expert. These latter points evidence are sometimes almost as important as the former, while taken in connection with them they help make the evidence far more Evidence furnished the weapon as the origin We have already seen in a former section that can often tell, various signs the wound, with what kind a weapon was made. We may thus able say that a executive resume writers nyc wound was made a weapon similar one exhibited. Also examination the weapon itself and from the circumstantial evidence where and how was found, may sometimes say that the wound was inflicted almost certainly with a particular weapon. All this evidence sometimes made use in judging between the suicidal and homicidal origin a wound. The POSITION the iveapon or the place where found is a matter considerable importance. If has not been touched, its position should carefully examined, or inquired about if it has been moved.

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