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Such cases are the more remarkable from the fact that the fatal blow maj cause no ecchymosis or other mark injury appear on Blows the head may produce a variety results besides that the contusion itself. In fact, death itself may result though the marks contusion are very slight or even imperceptible.

Intracranial hemorrhage, laceration with ecchymosis the brain, the same or opposite side the injury, and concussion the brain may result. Of these only concussion Concussion has been defined as a shock communicated to an organ a blow or fall another part the body, which may or may not remote, and without producing a material or appreciable lesion. According Lutaud, English pathologists understand a temporary choosing a dissertation topic or permanent nervous exhaustion resulting from a do my essay for cheap sudden or excessive expense nervous energy. Its effect observed in the function an organ and especially in the brain. Concussion the brain causes stupidity, loss of consciousness, amnesia, coma. The intracranial lesion most often associated with concussion ecchymosis and laceration the surface the brain, but there may no lesion visible even if the case a fatal one.

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Fatal concussion has been observed where the marks external violence dissertation writing help were very slight or even failed entirely, as illustrated the two following cases Vibert made an autopsy a man who had been struck a pitchfork, one the teeth which struck behind the ear, the other two in the face, only producing slight skin wounds. The man immediately lost consciousness and died in two days in coma.

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No lesion whatever was found within the skull, and only three slight ones externally. He observed another case where the man fell three or four metres into an excavation, landing his feet, and died in a short time. On autopsy only slight erosions and no intracranial or extracranial lesions were found.

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This case belongs a rare class where the blow transmitted through the spinal column without sign injury externally or internally the head.

The following case cited Vibert even more remarkable in the production the severe though not fatal concussion An officer was riding at full speed horseback, when his horse suddenly stopped short. By great exertion the officer help with homework handwriting clung to the horse, but immediately lost consciousness. His fall from the horse was broken those about him, and the concussion received was not due the fall, but the shock stopping suddenly when his momentum was great.

As a rule, however, the diagnosis concussion, especially paraphrasing powerpoint if severe enough fatal, easily made the marks external violence with or without intracranial lesions.

The effects concussion may transient and leave no trace, but, the other hand, they maj prolonged and severe, paralysis, aphasia, loss memory, imbecility, etc. The medical examiner should his guard against simulation in respect these prolonged effects concussions. One the most frequent consequences concussion national honor society essay help temporary amnesia, which ordinarily succeeds immediately after the injury, but sometimes develops more slowly. The following curious case is quoted from Lutaud as cited Brouardel A woman in getting out a train at Versailles, where she had gone attend the funeral a relative, was struck the door the compartment. She fell, but did not lose consciousness, and picked herself but forgot what she had come for. Another result an injurj which has caused a contusion or contused paper writing service college need help with essay wound may a fracture or dislocation. Fractures and dislocations special parts will referred later, in considering injuries the several regions the body, but seems appropriate here refer some those general considerations relating these injuries which may especially demand the attention the medical expert.

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