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In the case a suicide, the hand as well as the weapon held likely bloody, also in case murder the generally empty hand apt bloody, as the hand naturally carried We cannot further describe the many points which the medical examiner should bear in help writing a thesis statement mind in making an examination in a medico-legal case, without repeating too fully what will given at greater length in subsequent sections, reference which should made for further particulars. Tardieu proposed as a basis for examining and studying wounds, to visit the wounded person and see what state in, and to determine the nature, the cause, the consequences the wound.

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Also if the wounded person dead examine the body for the cause death data analysis coursework in order see if the latter due the wound.

Also determine thee ircumstances the affray. The description a wound should given in plain language, avoiding the use scientific terms or expressions, so as readily understood judge and jurors.

Otherwise the usefulness the medical expert very much decreased.

The description should also precise and sufficient justify the conclusions arrived at as the cause a wound, its gravity and results, and the weapon used.

With a view exact statement dissertation writing help in description, well take notes as the result of the examination and not depend merely memory.

The object the witness should understood and not be This a question write my paper for me in 3 hours which may often asked in cases fatal injuries, and one which must answered as definitely as are able, for the defence may rest the assertion that the wound or injury was post mortem and not ante mortem.

Need help writing nursing papers

What are the means have enable answer the above question? The most important factor the condition the blood and the changes that undergoes after death. For some hours after death the body retains its animal heat. As long as this retained rigor mortis does not set in and the blood more or less fluid. This period varies, but the average does not last longer than eight or ten hours.

Before this time, however, the blood has begun undergo certain changes. These changes result in the inability the blood from a post-mortem wound coagulate completely. At first the greater part may coagulate, but after a time coagulation less and less complete, and the coagula are not as firm as those from the blood a living person.

The period at which these buy business thesis changes occur also varies, but they may generally clearly noticed in from three four hours after death, or even sooner. In the first two to four hours after death, therefore, as far as the condition the blood concerned, may difficult or impossible say whether a wound was made before or soon after death. In other words, this difficulty exists as long as the tissues the body live after writing help for kids the body as a whole dead. There are certain general pathological or occasional conditions the body in which the blood during life does not coagulate at all or only imperfectly, as in scurvy and in the case of the menstrual blood. Also blood in a serous cavity, especially if abundant or there exists inflammation, found not coagulate or onty imperfectly. Post mortem the blood remains liquid long after death in cases death drowning, asphyxia, etc. and in such cases hemorrhage may free in a wound made some time after death. Furthermore, after putrefaction has set in the blood again becomes more or less liquid, and may flow away from a wound like a hemorrhage, The principal signs a wound inflicted during life are hemorrhage, i need help writing a essay for college coagulation the blood, eversion the lips the wound, and retraction its sides. Hemorrhage varies in amount with the size the wound, the vascularity the part, and the number and size of the large vessels involved.

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