DRC: Communities supporting gorillas & forests

Half of Africa’s tropical forests sit within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These forests host a number of species found nowhere else, including the Grauer’s gorilla. Many poor forest-dwelling communities depend on these habitats for their livelihoods.

This project supports two community led reserves (REGOLU – Réserve de Gorilles de Lubutu and REGOMUKI – Réserve de Gorilles de Mukingiti & Kingombe) to conserve forests and wildlife. Communities will patrol the forests to stop illegal poaching while alternative income streams will be developed for people who depend on the forest.


• Agricultural expansion & livestock
• Slash & burn agricultural practices
• Mining
• Illegal bush-meat trade
• Commercial logging


• 75 energy efficient stoves has decreased the demand for firewood
• 3 sustainable livelihoods projects will increase household income and decrease the dependence on the forest reserves.




Small action - big impact