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Scott, who describes his own case in Philosophical Transactions, mistook pink for a pale blue, and afullr rffor a full green. All kinds yellows and blues, except sky blue, could discern with great nicety. His father, his maternal uncle, one his sisters, and her two sons, had all the same defect. A tailor at Plymouth, whose case described Mr. Harvey, regarded the solar spectrum as consisting need help starting an essay only yellow light blue. and could distinguish with certainty only yellow, while, and green. He regarded indigo and PEuropean blue as black.

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What was Mr.

Harris from infancy unable do?. For what did his brothers mistake orange and light greenl.

What could Harris himself only distinguish?. For what did Mr, Scott mistake pink, coursework help uk and a full red?. What help me write a thesis statement colours could discern coirectly?. Who had all the same defect? How did a tailor at Plymouth regard the solar spectrum, and what could distinguish with essay writing services scams certainty?. What did regard as black? There still living at Stirling a blind old beggar, known all the country round the name Alick, who possesses a memory almost incalculable strength.

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It was observed with astonishment, that when he was a man, and obliged the death his parents gain a livelihood pay someone to write my paper begging through the streets his native town Stirling, knew the whole the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, heart from which you may repeat any passage, and will tell you thechapter and verse or you may tell him the chapter and verse, and will repeat you the passage, word for word.

Help with academic writing uk

Not long since, a gentleman, puzzle him, read, with a slight verbal alteration, averse the Bible.

writing an essay proposal Alick hesitated a moment, and then told where was found, but said had not been correctly delivered.

He then gave as stood in the book, correcting the slight error that had been purposely introduced. The gentleman then asked him for the ninetieth verse the seventh chapter Numbers. Alick was again puzzled for a moment, but then said hastily You are fooling Sir! there no such verse. That chapter has only eightynine verses. Several other experiments the sort were tried upon him with the same success. He has often been questioned the day after hearing any particular sermon or speech and his examiners have invariably found that, had their patience aUowed, blind Alick would have given them the. Who still liviii at Stirling, and what does possess?.

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