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The depth the wound may also indicate the sharpness the weapon.

A long tail in the wound indicates that the weapon was sharp as well as that this was the part the wound last made.

If the edges the wound are rough, may infer that the edges the weapon were rough and irregular. Wounds caused bits of china or glass or fragments bottles, besides having rough and lacerated edges, are characterized an irregular or angular course in the skin.

Some cutting weapons, like an axe, act as much means their weight as their cutting edges. Wounds caused by such weapons can often distinguish the following signs The edges are not as smooth as the case with a cutting instrument, and they may more or less lacerated and show signs contusion.

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The wound often deep in comparison with its length, and the ends the wound abrupt instead slanting from the bottom the surface. The section resisting organs and the impression the edge the weapon the bone are further signs the use such a weapon.

The form and direction a wound may possibly give some indication the form the instrument for instance, whether straight or curved like a pruning-knife, as in the case cited Vibert a wound the neck which suddenly became deeper toward its extremity and changed its direction the whole being explained the supposition that was made by But in punctured wounds especially that are enabled most often and most accurately determine the kind of a weapon used.

Here from the form the wovmd may judge the form and size the weapon.

In speaking of punctured wounds in a former section divided them into four groups, reference which may here made.

In the first group, or those caused cylindrical dissertation structure or conical weapons, when the Aveapon very fine may leave no track at all if a little larger, may infer from a linear bloody track that the weapon was needle-like in shape.

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The length the instrument or the depth which penetrated may found, as a rule, only by dissection. proofreader online If the weapon were larger and conical, have seen that the wounds would linear with two angles, the length the wound being parallel the direction the fibres Here may judge the form the weapon from the following circumstances From a comparison the depth with the size the opening, know that was a punctured wound.

The edges and angles are not smooth and even enough for a stab-wound with a knife, for the edges are torn and not cut, and a stab wound would the only form wound with which would likely confuse Furthermore, the direction the long axis the wound parallel that the skin fibres in the region in which occurs and the very slight retraction the edges distinguish from a stab-wound.

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By these signs can almost alwaj distinguish such wounds from stab wounds, and thus tell the form the weapon used. As the size weapon used, these wounds if any size are generally smaller than the weap for the skin put on the stretch the weapon and yields a certain extent. The actual wound, therefore, smaller in circumference than the weapon. The size the wound smaller than that part the weapon occupying the wound when the weapon was arrested may essays on the help very much smaller cheap essay service than the weapon at its largest point. Small wounds this kind are generally larger than the instrument producing them. The second group punctured wounds, or stab-ivounds, are far the most common and, therefore, the most important variety punctured wounds. If the stab wound perpendicular the surface the fotnn the wound may represent pretty closely that the weapon at the point where the latter was arrested, ether has a single or double cutting edge. But even here there are exceptions. Frequently a weapon with a broad back and only one cutting edge may produce a wound resembling that an instrument with two cutting edges, the second angle tearing as in the former class. Here close examination can sometimes distinguish essay editing services the difference between the two angles, and judge correctly the shape the weapon.

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