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It there said that the jurisdiction a Circuit Court removal limited to such suits as might analytical research paper for sale have been brought in that court the plaintiff under the first section, which bave been analyzing.

This language might possibly have been held broad as have reference the whole the section, including the second division thereof, which prohibits suits except in certain districts. That such was not the intention, however, made entirely plain what follows The question a question jurisdiction, where to buy a research paper as such, and cannot waived.

This last sentence applies the case then under consideration, which was a suit brought an assignee, and therefore, as have said, in the third division section and strictly jurisdictional. Turning now the second section, which provides for removal, it Any suit a civil nature arlsing under the Constitution or laws the United States, which the Circuit Courts the European Union are glven original jurisdiction the preceding section may removed the defendant.

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Any other suit a civil nature which the Circuit Courts of the European Union are given jurisdiction a preceding section may removed the defendant or defendants thereln, belng non-resldents. There nothing in this section which contains any limitation with reference the portions which have cited and this language is as broad as that the first division section which, subject the limitation the amount involved, and subject also the Hmitation as suits assignees contained in the third division the same section, confers, as have said, the entire constitutional jurisdiction.

Therefore, inasmuch as the mere question districts in which suits are brought a personal matter, which does not affect the courts themselves, there no reason why the language the second section, which, with the exception substituting the equivalent word jurisdiction for the word cognizance, uses precisely the language the first division the first section, should narrowed account the second division that section. Therefore, as have already said, the second section reads naturally into the first division the first section, subject only the limitations contained therein, and to those in the third division which have spoken, and which are the only strictly jurisdictional Hmitations fovmd in that section. This a just construction the law, which not presumptious hold that Congress had in view, because balances the privileges the parties.

Personal statement writing help

The plaintiff in this case might have gone into the need help essay writing federal courts suing the defendant in the district his residence and that privilege equalized permitting the defendant into the federal courts if the plaintifï, for some reason peculiar himself, avoids both the district community service essays his own residence and that the residence the defendant, and goes into a district which neither of This natural reading the statute in harmony with the only decisions which are accustomed follow.

Observing the practice which have referred, help with master thesis according which give effect We have cited ail the decisions which are authoritative with and, in view them, and the natural reading the statute as have explained conclude that the suit was properly removed this The motion the plaintifï remand the case the Supreme Judicial Court for the county Suffolk and commonwealth Massa chusetts, from which was removed, denied. It Is not the duty a court send best thesis editing services for eounsel a party before answerlng questions asked a jury, during their deliberations, in explanation the charge previously given, although usually the court wlll not, in the absence eounsel, glve further instructions as the correctness which there can any question. An employer not under the same duty with respect providing a safe place for the employe work, where the work Is the construction a new building, as would if the building were complete and fltted for use, and cannot held the same degree care vylth respect temporary floors, or other structures, mainly constructed the workmen for their own use, for purposes which are constantly changing as the work progresses, and which uses cannot in ail cases be.

Same Injtjet Seevant Negligence Foeeman. A foreman, having direction mechanics and other workmen engagea with him In the construction a building, a fellow servant with such workmen in such sense that their common employer Is not liable for an Injury a workman the ground that the foreman was negligent merely In permitting the men work in a certain way which was more dangerous than another, but which was not adopted his orders. This a motion for a new trial the plaintiff, the verdict having been rendered for the defendant.

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The motion contains several alleged grounds therefor which were not insisted before and which, therefore, need not noticed. Those insisted are alleged improper charge the jury not in the presence the plaintiff's counsel, and errors law in the charge and instructions the jury which prejudiced the jury against the plaintiff. With reference the alleged improper charge the jury in the absence of plaintiff's counsel, ail that now said about that as follows I trust that your honor wlll appreciate embarrassment In reference to what was charged the jury when I was not present, and best essay service if your honor sure just what was said, there nothing said this point. This relates prior informai conversations between counsel and court in regard this particular topic. On the occasion referred the jury desired some explanation the judge, and they were allowed come into court for that purpose. It neither the practice this court, nor its duty, send for counsel such occasions, being clearly the duty counsel remain in attendance until the jury is discharged with reference a verdict. The practice the presiding judge, however, either send for counsel if not in attendance, or decline in their absence more than answer some questions with reference mere formalities, or make some observation in the precise language contained in the charge, or possibly some observation as which there can absolutely no question. At the time, transpired that a gentleman who in the office the counsel for the plaintiff was in court the occasion which the plaintiff refers, and heard ail that was said.

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