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At one time, walking and meditating in the fields, in much distress from the narrowness his circumstances, stumbled a purse gold Looking round, in vain, find its owner, carried home his wife, who advised him to employ at least a part in extricating them from their present difficulty but conscientiously refused until had used his utmost endeavours find out its former proprietor, assuring her that honesty always the best policy. After a short time was owned a gentleman who lived at some little distance, whom the clergyman returned without any other reward than thanks. On the good man's return, his wife could not help reproaching the gentleman with ingratitude, and censuring the over-scrupulous honesty her husband but only replied as before, honesty the best policy.

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A few months after this the curate received an invitation dine with the aforesaid gentleman who, after hospitably entertaining him, cheap essays to buy gave him the presentation a living three hundred pounds per annum, which added a bill fifty pounds for present necessities.

The curate, after making suitable acknowledgements his benefactor, returned with joy his wife and family, acquainting them with the happy change in his circumstances, and adding that hoped she would now convinced that honesty was the best policy to. Who resided in a country village?.

What was doing one day, and what did stumble.

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On being advised employ part the money in extricating himself from his present difficulty, what did reply?. Was the purse owned any one?.

write my essay Did the clergyman return the money, and what reward did receive?. What could the good man's wife, his return, not help doing?.

What was his reply?. What happened the curate a few months after?.

How did the curate feel, and what did say his family?.

Remarkable Escape from Danger. There a singular adventure, recorded Ihe Captain a Guineaman, and as not very long, will here related in the Captain's own words, for the amusement and advantage our readers. The ocean was very smooth, and the heat very great, which made us languid, that almost a general wish overcame the approach of the evening, bathe in the waters the Congo.

However, land Johnson were deterred from an apprehension Sharks, many which we had observed in the progress our voyage, and those very large. Campbell alone, who had been drinking too much, was obstinately bent going over board, and although us'ed every means in our power persuade him the contrary, custom research paper writing dashed into the water, and had swum some distance from the vessel, when board discovered an alligator, making towards him behind a rock that stood a short distance from the shore. His escape I now considered impossible, and I applied Johnson know how we should act, who, like myself, affirmed the impossibility ofsavinghim, and instantly seized upon a loaded carbine, shoot the poor fellow, ere he fell into the jaws the monster. did not, however, consent this, but waited, with horror, the event yet, willing all in power, I ordered the boat hoisted, and fired two shot at the approaching alligator, but without effect for they glided over his scaly covering, like hail stones a tiled penthouse, and the progress the creature the help essay on racism was by no means impeded. The report the piece, and the noise the blacks from the sloop, soon made Campbell acquainted with his danger saw the creature making towards him, and with all the strength and skill he was master made for the shore. And now the moment arrived, pay someone to write my essay in which a scene was exhibited, beyond the power humble pen perfectly describe. On approaching within a very short distance some canes and shrubs, that covered the banks, while closely pursued the alligator, a fierce and ferocious tiger sprang towards him, at the instant the jaws his first enemy were extended resume writing service business plan devour him. At this awful moment Campbell was preserved.

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