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The nature the wound little assistance in the case insane or delirious patients, who may commit suicide in the most unusual and curious manner. Taylor relates the case a delirious patient in Guy's Hospital, who tore away the whole the abdominal muscles from the lower part the anterior abdominal wall.

If the case had not occurred in the hospital or where there Avere witnesses the deed, the nature the wound would have indicated homicide except for the delirium. The following case, quoted the same author, illustrates a wound very unusual nature and situation, which personal statement service uk might have been taken for a homicidal wound with intent conceal as far as the situation the wound was concerned.

The wound was accidental and occurred in the following way. A girl fifteen years old jumped on her uncle's knee while was holding a stick between his legs which she did not notice. The stick passed her anus, but she withdrew and went playing, though she com lained pain. On the following night acute S mptoms of peritonitis set in, and she died in fortj eight hours. On post-mortem examination a rent was found in the anterior part the rectum penetrating the peritoneal cavity. The Situation or Position the Wound. A suicidal wound must in such a position that the deceased could have inflicted himself. Such wounds are, therefore, generally anteriorly or laterally situated.

Custom paper writing

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The site election for suicidal wounds the neck for incised wounds and the chest, especially in the region the heart, for punctured wounds. The situation suicidal wounds, lunatics, etc.

shows all kinds fantasies.

The mere situation does not suffice distinguish suicidal wounds, as a murderer may simulate a suicidal wound for purposes concealment. Some regard a wound in the back as proof against suicidal origin, but not much the situation a wound as the situation taken in connection with the direction which furnishes the proof against suicide in As a rule, a suicidal wound, besides custom assignment writing being in an accessible part the body, also in a part commonly known rapidly mortal, as the neck and heart.

But suicidal wounds are not always in the situation which anatomically best for being rapidly fatal.

Concealed wounds or wounds in inaccessible parts presumptive murder may suicidal and buy essay cheap placed impute them another and give rise the suspicion of murder. customer service writing The blood-vessels the arms and legs may custom essays service selected dissertation assistance writing as the site a suicidal help writing a dissertation proposal wound. This situation often regarded as uncommon, though the writer has met with in one or more cases attempted suicide. It illustrated in the famous case Abdul Aziz, the are essay writing services legal Sultan Turkey. He was found dead under suspicious circumstances with two oblique, paraphrasing and summarizing ragged wounds at the bend each elbow, directed from above downward and from within outward. The joint the left side was penetrated, while only the skin and veins were involved the right side. Death was due bleeding from the ulnar artery and the veins.

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