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As may alleged in defence that a given wound was caused a fall broken Crocker or other substances capable producing a punctured wound, important notice whether the edges are lacerated and irregular or smooth help writing a personal statement and clean. The author quoted above cites another case which occurred Watson, dissertation format where the prisoner alleged that a deep, clean-cut wound the genitals a woman which had caused her death was due a fall some broken glass.

The character the wound disproved this defence.

Another feature such wounds, especially if they be deep in comparison their length, that they are very apt to contain small particles the glass or earthenware which caused them.

In fact, in all wounds well search for anj small fragments which will throw light upon the weapon used.

Wounds caused scissors are often characteristic shape.

If the scissors were open find two symmetrical, punctured diverging wounds, presenting more or less clearly the form of the blades the scissors. If the blades have been approximated there a triangular interval between the punctures, the apex seo writing service admission essay editing service which truncated if any skin remains between the Lacerated ivounds may not indicate the weapon used as clearly as punctured wounds, dissertation guidelines but the agent which produced them often indicated the appearance the wound.

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They are generally accidental. But where they occur, as thesis help services they not infrequently the bodies new-born children, they may give rise the charge infanticide.

In some cases the weapon which caused the wound fits the wound produced, and thus important evidence may furnished the prosecution.

Taylor cites the case Montgomery Omagh Sum. Ass. where a bill-hook which fitted the injuries the skull the deceased was found buried in a spot which the prisoner was seen These facts connected the prisoner with the weapon and the weapon with the murder. In other cases the wounds may lacerated or contused homework help persuasive essay that the indications the Contusions and Contused Wounds.

The shape a contusing body sometimes reproduced the contusion and umi dissertation publishing the ecchymosis. Thus are enabled distinguish the marks a whip, the fingers, the fist, etc. This best seen when the ecchymosis fresh, for soon the edges help writing paper extend and the outline less clearly marked. Plaques parcheminees, which we have already described as the marks contused erosions, may show the form finger-nails, term paper writing services etc. Contused wounds like simple contusions need help writing an essay may show the shape the weapon. If the contusing body has a large area, the whole this area cannot often strike the body at once, that the outline the contusion does not represent that the weapon. But in general, severe contusions present greater difficulties than the preceding classes wounds. We must generally content if can determine whether the wound was caused a weapon, including the fist, or a fall, and are often unable say even this. A fall often alleged the defence as the cause the injury, but course if the prisoner was responsible for the fall responsible for the results the fall. If there are contusions or contused wounds several parts the head, or if the wounds are the vertex the head, presumptive the use weapons.

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