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The applicant in case a refusal or revocation may appeal the governor and his decision will final, Definition. Practising medicine defined as treating, operating or prescribing for any physical ailment another. The act does not prohibit services in case emergency, nor the domestic medicine family remedies, and does not apply commissioned surgeons the European Union army, navj, or marine hospital service in the discharge official duty, Itinerant Vender. An itinerant vender drug, nostrum, ointment, or appliance intended for treatment disease or injury, or professing writing, printing, or other method to cure or treat disease or deformity drug, nostrum, manipula tion, or other expedient, must pay a license fee per month into the treasury the board. The board may issue such license.

Selling without a license punishable fine from for each offence. The board may for cause refuse Penalty. Practising medicine purchase custom research paper or surgery without a certificate punishable a forfeiture dissertation writing assistance for the first offence, and for each subsequent offence filing or attempting to file as his own the certificate another, or a forged affidavit identification, a felony, punishable as forgery. Exceptions.

The act saves for six months after its passage the right persons who have practised continuously for ten years in the State prior its passage, receive a certificate under former act. But all persons holding a certificate on account ten years practice are subject all requirements and discipline this act in regard their future conduct all persons not having applied for or received certificates within said six months, and all persons whose applications have for the causes named hiring a freelance writer been rejected, or their certificates revoked, shall, if they practise medicine, deemed guilty practising Penalty. On conviction the offence mentioned in the act, the court must, as a part the judgment, order the defendant committed the county jail until the fine and To the secretary the board, for each certificate to a graduate or licentiate. For graduates or licentiates in midwifery.

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To county clerk, usual fees for making record.

To treasury board, for examination non-graduates, in medicine and surgery, in midwifery only. If the applicant fails pass, the fees are returned.

If he passes, a certificate issues without further charge. Qualification. It unlawful practise medicine, surgery, or essay editor obstetrics without a license Act April, The license procured from the clerk the circuit court of the county where the person resides or desires locate practise authorizes him practise anywhere within the State the applicant must file with the clerk his affidavit stating that has regularly graduated in some reputable medical college, and must exhibit the clerk the diploma held him, his affidavit, and the affidavit two reputable freeholders or householders the county stating that the applicant has resided and practised medicine, surgerj, and obstetrics in the State continuously for ten years immediately preceding the date takingeffect this act, stating particularly the locality or localities in which has practised during the said period, and the date and length time in each locality or his affidavit and the affidavit two reputable freeholders or householders the county, stating that has resided and good essay writers practised medicine, surgery, and obstetrics in the State continuously for three years immediately preceding the taking effect this act, and stating particularly the localities in which practised during the said period, and the date and length time in each locality, and that prior said date, attended one full course of lectures in some reputable medical college.

The clerk must record the license and the name the college in which the applicant graduated, and the date his diploma, as A license issued a person who has not complied with the requirements, or one procured anj false affidavit, is Penalty. Practising medicine, surgery, or obstetrics without a license a misdemeanor punishable with a fine from No cause action lies in favor any person as a physician, surgeon, or obstetrician who has not prior the service procured a license and money paid or property paid for such services a person not licensed, or the value thereof, may Exemptions. Women practising obstetrics are exempted from the provisions the act. Registration. It the duty all physicians and accoucheurs register their name and post-office address with the clerk the circuit court the county in which they reside To the clerk, for registration, cents. Qualification.

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