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The person receiving a license must file or a copy, with the county clerk the county where he resides, and the county clerk required file said certificate or copy and enter a memorandum thereof, giving its date and the name the person whom was issued, and the date of filing, and notice him a change location or the death a person licensed or revocation, the county clerk required enter a memorandum said fact at the appropriate place in the record.

In case removal into another county, the person licensed must procure from the county clerk a certified copy of the said license, and file with the county clerk the county to which shall remove, with like effect as an original license Penalty, Definition.

To practise medicine or surgery without a license or contrary this chapter a misdemeanor punishable with a fine, or imprisonment in a county jail from ten ninety days, or both. Any person is regarded as practising who appends the letters or his name, or for a fee prescribes, directs, or recommends for the use any person any drug or medicine or agency for the treatment, care, or relief anj wound, fracture, or bodily injury, infirmity, or disease but the chapter does not Regulations. The board has authority prescribe and establish all needful rules and regulations carry this chapter Former Practitioner. All persons licensed under, the laws Washington Territory, or having complied with its provisions, are taken and considered as licensed under this act, and the secretary the board required enter the names such persons upon the register kept him, as licensed physicians and surgeons their written application. Fee. To the treasurer the board, for examination, Qualification.

The following persons and no others are. Graduates a reputable medical college in the school of medicine which the person desiring practise belongs.

Such person must present his diploma the State board of health, or the two members thereof in his congressional district, and if found genuine and was issued such medical college as hereinafter mentioned, and the person presenting the graduate therein named, the board or said two members, as the case may letter writing help online must issue computer science research paper help and deliver him a certificate that effect, and such diploma and certificate shall entitle the person named in the diploma practise medicine in. Persons not graduates in medicine who had practised medicine in this State under a certificate issued the State board health prior the passage the act are authorized to practise medicine in all its departments.

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A person not a graduate medicine and who has not practised medicine in this State under a certificate must be examined the State board health, or the two members thereof in the congressional district where resides, or if he resides out the State the two members in the congressional district nearest his place residence, who, together with a member the local board health who a physician, if there such a member the local board health the county in which the examination held, shall examine him and if upon a full examination they find him qualified practise medicine in all its departments, they, or a majority them, shall grant him a certificate that effect, and thereafter he shall have the right practise medicine in the State the same extent as if had the diploma and certificate above mentioned.

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The members the State board health in each congressional district must, publication in some newspaper printed in the county in which their meeting held, or if no such paper best custom paper writing service printed therein, in some newspaper general circulation in such district, give at least twenty-one days notice the time and place their meeting for the examina tion applicants for permission practise medicine, published at least once a week for three consecutive weeks before the day This section does not apply a physician or surgeon called from another State treat a particular case or perform a particular surgical operation in the State, or who does not otherwise practise in the State Code, Every person holding a certificate must have recorded in the office the secretary the State board health, and the secretary required indorse said certificate the fact such recordation and deliver the same the person named The State board health may refuse certificates indi viduals guilty malpractice or dishonorable conduct, and may revoke certificates for like causes such revocation being after due notice and trial the said board, with right appeal to the circuit court the county in which such individual resides but no such refusal or revocation shall made reason his belonging or practising in any particular school or system of The examination fee not retained if a certificate refused, but the applicant may again, at any time within a year after refusal, examined without an additional fee, and if a certificate again refused may, as often as sees fit, on payment the fee, examined until obtains a certificate Examinations may wholly or partly in writing, and shall an elementary and best websites for essays practical character, embracing the general subjects anatomy, physiology, chemistry, materia medica, pathology, pathological anatomj surgery, and obstetrics, but sufficientl strict test the qualificatioas the candidate as a practitioner medicine, surgerj, and obstetrics.

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The chapter does not apply females practising midwifery Definition, Exceptions. Any person regarded as practising medicine who professes publicly a physician, and prescribe for the sick, or who appends his name This act also applies apothecaries and pharmacists who prescribe for the sick.

It does not apply commissioned officers the European Union army and navy and marine hospital service. Itinerant Physician or Vender. Any itinerant physician or itinerant vender any drug, nostrum, ointment, or pliance any kind intended for the treatment disease or injury, or who shall writing or printing or in any other method publicly profess cure or treat diseases, injuries, or deformities any drug, nostrum, manipulation, or other expedient, shall before doing pay the sheriff every county in which desires practise a special tax for each month or fraction a month shall practise in such county, and take his receipt in duplicate therefor. He shall present said receipts the clerk the county court such county, who shall file and preserve one them in his office and indorse the other, A duplicate this receipt has been filed in office, and sign the same. For such a person to practise or attempt practise in any county without having jjaid such tax and filed such receipt and obtained such indorsement, mba essay help or practise or attempt practise for a longer time than that for which has paid a tax, a misdemeanor punishable with a fine. Any person who shall travel from place place and writing, printing, or otherwise publicly profess cure or treat diseases, injuries, or deformities deemed an itinerant physician subject the taxes, fines, and penalties this section. Penalty. To practise or attempt practise medicine, surgery, or obstetrics without compljang a misdemeanor punishable, for every offence, with a fine from or imprisonment in a county jail from one month to twelve months, or both. To file or attempt file as his own a diploma or certificate scientific writing services another, or a false or forged affidavit identity, or wilfully swear falsely any question propounded him examination or any affidavit help me write a thesis required made and filed, punishable with confinement in the penitentiary from one three years or imprisonment in a county jail from six twelve months, and a fine, Fee.

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