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where a boy with chronic disease the brain suffered from no unusual mptom until received a severe flogging, which was followed by death in less than three hours. The same author mentions also the following case show that fatal results may follow very slight and trivial blows.

Annan tells a healthy four yearold girl who received a slight blow from the shaft a wheelbarrow the skin about three inches below the knee.

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There was even no external mark violence, and the injury was thought slight as not require treatment. There was pain, however, which increased the following day, marked constitutional symptoms appeared, and the child buy a paper died the fourth day. Even the punishment inflicted schoolmasters death has been imputed. When DEATH occurs from wounds after long periods the injury may admitted, but may claimed that death was not necessarily due the wound. Medically speaking, death just as much the result the injury as if occurred the spot.

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Of course, death must custom report writing service clearly traceable the usual and probable results the injury, and not dependent any other cause.

An examination the wounded part and the whole body will enable the medical witness determine the cause death and whether writing a doctoral dissertation clearly traceable the injury. A doubt this point may lead acquittal.

Certain forms of wounds or wounds in certain localities are especially liable to end fatally after a long delay, but as the direct result the wound.

These are wounds the head and the spine.

As the first class, the injured person may research paper writers in india apparently recover and doing well, when assignment writers in uk may suddenly die from a cerebral abscess, for instance.

Can you write my paper

This the result i don't want to write my paper application essay help the injury, but remains a longer or shorter time latent. In wounds the spine the patient generally paralyzed below the point fracture, but apparently in good health. In a longer or shorter time may die a pneumonia, cystitis, or bedsores, which are the Taylor Medical Jurisprudence, Times. WAS A WOUND THE CAUSE OF DEATH SECONDARILY? known and regular consequences the injury or injured condition. Astley Cooper cites the case a man who was injured the head and died two years later from the effects of the injury, as was clearly made out the continuance brain symptoms during the entire period. An interval eleven years occurred in another head injury between the injury and the fatal result. The first result the injury was concussion the brain, and the case mentioned Hoffbauer. This long interval unusual. There a rule in English law by which the assailant cannot indicted for murder if the victim the assault lives a year and a day.

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