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The excoriation on the back the neck was slight as escape the observation some medical men, and was evidently self-inflicted, either accidentally or purposely, as the facts showed.

The assertions a number medical men were taken the court support the servant's story the effect that his master had struck him a severe blow the back his neck, rendering him insensible for many hours from concussion the brain.

The evidence given chiefly Tardieu for the defence showed the story the complainant a fabrication, and the accused was justly acquitted. In answering this question must distinguish accidental wounds from those self-inflicted and those inflicted another. These three classes comprise all wounds.

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In case a trial for murder may alleged the defence that writing an essay proposal the wound was caused accident or that was due suicide from a fall, falls being a common class accidental wounds.

So have judge between accident the one hand and homicide and suicide the other hand.

The question arises especially in cases where the injury causing death one commonly fast custom essays due to As the QUESTION BETWEEN ACCIDENTAL AND SUICIDAL WOUNDS, they are often easily distinguished, especially if the body has not been disturbed. In suicide there clear evidence design, and the circumstantial evidence helps make the case clear. It may not always possible decide, however, as an accidental wound may sometimes resemble a suicidal or homicidal one.

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Accident often shown the nature the wound. Thus rare for an accidental mortal wound be caused a knife or similar weapon held in the hand and forced into the body a fall, the blow an opening door, etc.

But such exceptional cases have been reported. Incised and punctured wounds best writing essay are, therefore, very rarely accidental, and most accidental wounds are contused wounds or contusions.

Again, accident often shown the situation the wound, which should an exposed part the body unless the accident due a fall from a height, when the wound may ahnost anywhere.

But such injuries are easil shown due falls. The fall, course, may accidental, suicidal, or homicidal. Some wounds in exposed parts custom written essays forbid accident account their nature, deep incised wounds the throat. If the deceased has a life insurance, suicide less probable, as the insurance not paid in case suicide. In fine, accidental wounds are distinguished from suicidal Their nature accidental wounds are almost always contused, dissertation papers suicidal very rarely only in cases lunatics and delirious persons and where suicide accomplished a fall. The situation the wound or wounds indicates their origin. We have already studied the situation suicidal wounds and have also seen that accidental wounds are only exposed parts, except when the injury clearly indicates a fall from a height. custom college essays The evidence from the direction wounds rarely applies, as this valuable only in incised and punctured vounds, which are seldom accidental. Both kinds wounds are usually few in number except in case a fall from a height or a crush, though sometimes suicidal wounds are multiple. The evidence from weapons, if there any, points strongly suicide.

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