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When examine their method, find that related only making finger rings, and did not relate the making compound ingots for the manufacture seamless plated wire.

It cannot found that solder was employed in any way in the process marked out these patents. The Kaufmann patent cited and relied upon the defendant. technical editing services Kaufmann, his patent, describes a method making seamless drawn or rolled plated wire forming a disk-shaped blank composition stock and gold plate or gold alone, drawing the same into the shape a hollow cylinder with inferior metal, and finally drawing or roUing the cylindrical blank into the proper shape and thickness. He does not disclose any method uniting the shell and core together solder or any other means. He cannot held have anticipated the method Burdon in the patent in suit.

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We have already alluded the Burdon patent and the Burdon patent.

The characteristic feature patent was that the solder was placed in the chamber at the upper end the ingot, with the intention that, when the ingot was fused, the loose solder in melting would flow down into the annular space between the shell and core, and would thus properly unite the parts.

But it was found that under this method the solder did not fiow down uniformly. It ingeniously urged the defense that a sleeve of solder thus formed simultaneously with the fusing process, and that thus the three elements are combined as in the patent in suit.

We not think that this fusing the loose solder into a sleeve can held take the place the unbroken sheet solder which forms one the three essential parts the invention the patent in suit.

In this patent coursework writers there never existed the uniform, unbroken sleeve solder which forms an essential part the Burdon patent in suit.

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Nor does patent show the sleeve solder in cheap essay service any form.

It claimed the complainant that was reason the inadequacy these patents effect the desired resuit that the patentee was led invent the process disclosed in the patent in suit and the testimony upon this point is forcible and persuasive. help me write a personal statement It urged the defendant that the art fiat plating as shown in the Kaufmann patent and in other patents contains ail the necessary elements cylindrical plating, and may urged as anticipatory. The case shows that nothing in the flatplating art furnished any guide, precedent, or suggestion as how cylindrical plating could accomplished, or how seamless cylindrical compound ingots could niade.

Write my lab report

The artisans who were thoroughly acquainted with the state the art at that time were interested have seamless plated wire, but they were unable produce such wire means anything derived from the flat-plating Even if a sheet solder were used essay paper help in the flat-plating art, the method of assembling the base metal, the sheet solder, and the precious metal was merely laying one upon the other and clamping them tightly together. This method furnished no helpful suggestion for the art cylindrical plating. The problems presented in the two arts were entirely dissimilar. We cannot find that there anything in the prior art which can successfully taken as anticipatory of the patent in suit, or which can render invalid. Does the defendant infringe this patent? The defendant says he makes his ingot in the following way A hollow, seamless gold tube cast and swaged a mandril into this gold tube inserted a sheet compound solder. Then a base metal tube placed inside the solder, within the gold tube, as a running or sliding fit, the parts having been previously fiuxed. A plug then drawn longitudinally through the inner or base metal tube, expanding the latter, and pressing the soldered sheet tightly against the gold or outer tube, the object this expansion being prevent blisters. The compound tube then heated fuse the intermediate solder, and, finally reduced a mandril its proper size and thickness. This completes the compound gold-plating shell.

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