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The following letters and telegrams passed between the parties, evidencing the written contract declared upon elosed In acçordance buy business thesis with your telegram, apd are wiring you this efCect to-day.

This customer would like weekly essay about the help deliveries begin earlier than August and have the weekly amount run, pounds per week. We told him, If could possibly arrange deliveries would begin earlier tban August buy a paper for college and also if the amount could increased tbis sbould done.

The order, which was inclosed, reads as follows This order was originally taken, Ibs. but in estimating the amount due our customer's order, the order was sent you as, Ibs. We have a letter from this customer asking change the order, Ibs.

Online essay editor

Klndly arrange make this change. If there Is any objection your doing should glad bave you advise and will notify our customer.

This increase, was accepted plaintifï April Subsequently, when controversy arose, the plaintifï requested the defendants give the name their customer who purchased order, but the request was ignored. This detailed statement the corresporidence disposes the first point here argued. Catlin Co. were agents the plaintifï effect sales yarn. They were also agents other persons who wanted buy yarn.

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Document, supra, illuminative the situation. Manifestly, one their purchasing customers need someone to do my coursework had applied defendants get him a large quantity yarn. Some they had bought elsewhere, and, upon finding the terms satisfactory, they ordered from plaintiff enough make the unfilled balance of their customer's order them. The entire correspondence shows that both sides understood that defendants were middlemen who had regular customers for whom they sold, and other regular customers for write my phd dissertation whom they bought. There was no impropriety in sucli double agency, being clearly understood both parties. Talcott.

Having made the contract as agents college paper writing service for an undisclosed principal, and refusing or neglecting disclose such principal when called upon, they became themselves personally liable the contract. The second point advanced defendants, namely, that the proof fails show that defendants broke the contract, may similarly disposed On June, defendants wrote do my coursework for me plaintifï that they had thesis research proposal received word from their customer that, owing some change in the market conditions, such customer wished shipments withheld for a time. To this plaintiff repHed that could hold up as long as defendants have some the other orders for work On July defendants wrote that the customer was objecting the mixtures which had been finding in the yarn, and that he would not want any deliveries before the ist Augitst, at least. And again July iith that bas had much trouble with the yarn that has notified that would not receive any, but we have refused accept cancellation the order. Please not start this until advise you. To this plaintiff replied, calHng attention the fact that the customer was complaining before plaintiff had commenced shipping.

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