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Stratagems and conspiracies custom essays for sale to defraud life-insurance companies much further than mere substitution. Instead a fraudulent a positive death may come for investigation, and in order defraud an insurance company a large amount, a bod may even procured by homicide consummate the deception, as was done It pre-eminently in criminal trials that the personal identity the victim often constitutes an essential writing services usa connecting link. Before can move, the law requires, at the outset, proof the individuality both the author a crime and the victim. I shall, therefore, not touch upon such elusive individuals as Charlie Ross and Jack the Ripper, but limit remarks to a syuthetical exposition the best-known facts regarding identification the dead body and the interpretation its The identity a living person, or even our own identity, often a difficult point establish. It may also require medical evidence, oftentimes a most involved character, establish the fact death. Hence the medico-legal process connecting a dead body, or the remains or traces the same, with a human being once known have lived and moved earth, beset with difficulties that may give rise still greater antagonisms evidence.

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The question personal identity is one the hardest that could possibly come before a court.

help me write a thesis statement Celebrated cases and judicial errors have given great notoriety. There are consequently few questions in forensic medicine that require more attention and sagacity, and none upon which the medical legist should pronounce with more parts of a dissertation reserve and circumspection. Medical men are absolutely the only persons qualified assist in resolving the really delicate question personal identity yet the physician and the lawyer pursue the same line logic and inquiry.

As the former must have a subject dissect or operate upon, must the lawyer in pursuing a criminal investigation first prove a visible material substance known in legal phraseology as the corpus delicti, which must connect with some personality, with some human being once known have lived.

In this important process the physician's testimony being the indispensable guide the court's inference, should limit himself purely anatomical and material knowledge.

Need help on writing an essay

The medical expert has absolutely nothing with guilt or innocence, as that a question for the jury. He should, above all things, absolutely free from prejudice, suspicion, or undue suggestion, and should remember that in thus sinking his personality his paper help sole function as a skilled witness in cases identity furnish testimony which, when taken in connection with custom writer other evidence in the case, best essay writing service website may establish such a corpus delicti Si would justify A nice point may arise as dispensing with the proof from the body itself, when the substantial general fact a homicide proved aliunde, as in the case a criminal causing the disappearance his victim's body means help forming a thesis statement its decomposition in lime or other chemical menstrua, or subinerging in an unfathomable spot in the sea. Under circumstances such as the following a person seen enter a building and not seen leave although all means of egress therefrom are watched another person seen ignite the building, which thereupon burns down, and the charred remains a human body are found in the ruins the proof of identity from the body itself might dispensed with in view the substantial general fact a homicide having been committed.

In a delicate case where the man art hesitates and finds no corpus delicti, the investigation imprints and stains may give a clew great value the expert.

Yet only upon absolute evidence, and in the strongest possible case, that the fundamental principle the corpus delicti disregarded. In the case Ruloff, the child's body was not produced and no trace could alleged have been found nevertheless the prisoner was found guiltj murder.

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This case was speedily overruled, the ground that a dangerous precedent had been pronounced. So indispensable the showing the corpus delicti in cases recognition that lawyers have come regard even the judicial confession an accused as often the flimsiest and most unsatisfactoiy kind evidence. Numerous cases of demonstrated fallibility confessions web content writing services are cited in the books, where the statement was utterly lacking in anything except motive or hallucination. In the Proceedings the New York Medico-Legal dissertations express Society, December, Mr. James Appleton Morgan mentions the case a German servant-girl who assured her mistress, whose little boy, a child seven, had just died and been buried, that she the servant had poisoned the boy. The servant swore her crime and was taken into custody, and was only when no write my mba dissertation poison was discovered upon exhuming the child's body and examining its stomach that against her own protest she was acquitted the possibility of the crime. Another case the kind that has had medico-legal notoriety was tried a few years ago before a court in Brittany.

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