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Several wounds the. same or different weajwns cannot therefore an absolute proof homicide. The presence blood, hair, and other substances the weapon used, or probably used, a matter some importance.

Blood not necessarily found the weapon used inflict a mortal wound, especially in the case blunt instruments. In stab-wounds, too, the vessels may compressed by the blow or the weapon may wiped as were withdrawal the elasticity the skin and the clothing, except for a thin yellowish film.

Thus that the first stalvwound shows blood the outside the clothes but only the inside, but the outside the second usually bloody but may but little To make sure whether or not there blood a knife or other weapon necessary examine all the depressions the instrument, as the blade itself may have been washed, and only those traces blood remain which are less accessible cleaning washing. can i pay someone to write my essay Blood coagulated a blade indicates, as a rule, blood from a living animal, but may not Furthermore, may hard distinguish cheap writing services between a thin layer or spots dried blood not coagulated or coagulated and If blood not found a weapon, hair and other substances which can identified may This especially the case with blunt original essay writing service weapons, which, as have seen, blood usually fails. A fragment the weapon may break off in the wound, as in stab-wounds, and may identified as belonging one in The signs a struggle furnish important evidence, as they are not likely found in the case suicide. If the wounds were inflicted a cutting instrument, the existence a struggle may indicated incisions the palm the hand or fingers or the dorsum. Such wounds would not self-inflicted and would indicate a struggle with the murderer.

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Or if contusions or ecchymoses indicating the form the foot, fist, fingers, or finger-nails are found the face, neck, chest, forearm, or hand the deceased, this again indicates a struggle with the assailant, and goes far prove murder. The same true the imprint a bloody or dirty hand the clothes the victim when the victim's hands were not bloody.

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Also such an imprint in a position where the deceased could not have reached with the particular writing services uk hand indicated, as the case if the impression a right hand found the victim's right arm this indicates a struggle with a murderer, etc.

In one case of murder, the back the left hand the deceased there was found the bloody custom note paper mark a left hand evidently not tjiat the victim himself. The presence marks violence about the mouth the deceased, done close prevent the victim from giving an alarm, especially essay help if surprised during sleep, is presumptive murder.

Sometimes hair or fragments clothing belonging the accused are found in the grasp the de ceased, indicating a desperate struggle, and they are very suspicious cheap custom essay murder.

Thus Taylor cites the case a murder trial in Ireland, where hairs found firmly grasped in the hands the deceased were found correspond the hair the accused. The clothes the deceased, as well as those the accused, often indicate a struggle unless the accused can.

Incised Wounds Right Hand in the Struggle Defence. Homicide. satisfactorily account for the condition his own clothes in The examination the clothes help me write a descriptive essay and body the deceased and essays online to buy the accused may furnish important evidence. If suicide accomplished a weapon like a knife, is rare for the hand not bloody. If not bloody may well suspect a case supposed suicide. The presence blood the hand does not prove suicide, though its absence may disprove as the help on writing a thesis hand generally bloody in case murder The examination buy custom research paper the clothing the deceased great importance. As have noticed before, a suicide generally opens them, a murderer rarely.

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