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Thus was killed a young man in New York, the clerk in a store, who while lifting the metal-edged cover a show-case brought in contact with the charged wires an electric light and received an immediately fatal shock. As a rule, those meeting with accidents from dynamos or electric machines directly are employees electric buying term papers online companies, who are presumed have more or less knowledge the risk carelessness, or they may workers in institutions or factories in which such machines are in use.

Many the accidents due wires also occur linemen and other employees electric, telephone, or telegraph companies or electric paper writing services for college students railway companies in charge wires or electric outfit.

So long as the current transmitters and terminals wires, etc. are properly insulated and in their proper position in relation to other conductors, unusual for accidents occur, except in cases gross ignorance or carelessness. Unfortunately, however, proper insulation not always accomplished, and frequently wires and other transmitters are removed from their proper positions accidents and otherwise.

So long as and wherever the system overhead wires exists, if there among these wires any which are the transmitters strong electric currents, there always a risk, and often a very serious one, that at some time or other one these current-bearing wires will come into contact with some other non-current-bearing and ordinarily harmless wire in such a manner that the current of the first should diverted, in whole or in part, the ordinarily innocuous wire, which thereby becomes at once charged and dangerous. Such an accident may due the displacement either wire or any other cause which brings the two in contact, either direct or indirect, at a point where the currentbearing wire not sufficiently insulated.

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The current having once passed out its proper circuit will, course, follow the paths best conduction, and may hence suddenly appear in unexpected quarters and produce the most dangerous and even fatal effects. It accidents this character which most frequently occur among the people who are neither employees of electric companies nor engaged in factories or buildings where electrical machines are loyed.

Insulation Wires and Other Electrical Transmitters. We cannot mention here the various methods employed insidate wires, as the general principles insulation are well known. Electric wires even with very strong currents can insulated and can kept insulated if sufficient pains be taken and sufficient money expended. But this very expensive and in many cases not done. Only partial insulation attempted, and even this not always carried the degree intended or stipulated.

Need help writing my thesis

Hence long as overhead wires various kinds exist, accidents from the transmission of strong electric currents top rated essay writing services along ordinarily harmless wires are liable at any time occur, as practically little or no attempt at keeping the current-bearing wires covered with a thoroughly insulating material in most cases made. It usually deemed sufficient that glass or other insulators should placed that under ordinary conditions the wire will not come into contact with any conductor which may cause any essential part its current diverge.

In most cases a so-called insulating material placed over the wire itself, but this usually insufficient at the outset or becomes before very long and then not It must not supposed, however, that undergromid electric wires or transmitters cannot produce accidents.

On the con traiy, the current may diverted from them the gas or water pipes or any other conductors which come into contact with them or can attract themselves a portion their current. Severe shocks have been experienced persons attempting draw water at their faucet from causes this character. At the same time, far as mere safety concerned and freedom from electrical accidents, would seem that underground wires are preferable overhead wires. Electrical wires have not infrequently come in contact with telegraph and telephone wires causing unpleasant results. Telephone boxes have been set fire, and also telegraph boards and tables, and in certain cases what might have been serious conflagrations have been started in this manner. By means of proper arrangements the telegraph and telephone circuits these dangers can at least partially avoided, but there is always the risk that the automatic alarms and other contrivances not act, and the still greater one that persons or things may come into contact coursework essays on community service writer with these charged wires and receive Electric Cars. The danger from the overhead wires in the trolley system electric cars would not great were these wires properly supported, properly insulated, and properly protected.

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