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The act does not apply women who pursue the avocation midwife, as amended To the county court clerk, for recording certificate, To the board examiners, for issuing a certificate, To the board examiners, for examination non-graduate. If applicant fails pass a satisfactory examination, and no certificate or license issued him, only retained.

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For a certificate temporarj license, which be credited the applicant when applies for a permanent license?. as amended.

Constitutional Provision. The legislature may pass laws prescribing the qualifications practitioners medicine, but no preference shall ever given law any schools of medicine Const.

xiv. in part.

Boards Examiners. A board medical examiners for each judicial district appointed the judge the district Each board composed not less than three practising physicians known ability, graduates some medical college recognized the european Medical Association, residents of the district from which they are appointed. The boards are required meet regularly semrannually at some central point in their districts conduct examinations and grant certificates, and after at least one month's public notice the time and place meeting publication in at least one newspaper published mba thesis in the district. Qualification.

The board required examine thoroughl all applicants for a certificate qualification practise medicine in any its branches or departments, whether furnished with medical diplomas or not, upon anatomy, physiology, pathological anatomy expert writing services and pathology, surgery, obstetrics, and chemistry but no preference shall given any school When the board satisfied as the qualifications an applicant, they are required grant a certificate, which entitles him practise medicine in any county when has been Any two members the board may grant a certificate, and any member may grant a temporary certificate upon examination, which shall in force until the next regular meeting of The certificate must, before the person whom was granted entitled practise, recorded in the office the clerk the district court the county in which such practitioner resides or sojourns, and when recorded the clerk shall certify thereon under his official seal the fact and date of record, and shall return cheap essay writers the certificate its owner, Exceptions.

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This title does not apply those who have already homework essay help qualified under the act May, nor those regularly engaged in the general practice medicine in the State in any branch or department for five consecutive years prior January, nor females who follow the practice midwifery strictly as such. Penalty. No person except those named, can lawfully practise medicine in any its branches or departments without having first obtained and recorded a certificate qualification as above provided. A person offending shall be punished as provided in the Penal Code. If any person shall practise for pay or as a regular practitioner medicine in any its branches or departments, or offer or attempt practise medicine without first having obtained a certificate professional qualification from some authorized board medical examiners, or without having a diploma from some actual medical college chartered the legislature the State, or its authority, in which the same situated, shall punished a fine not less than, nor more than Each patient visited or prescribed for, or each day's offer to practise constitutes a separate offence.

If any person shall engage in the practice medicine in any its branches or departments for pay or as a registered practitioner, without having first filed for record, with the clerk help with making a thesis statement the district court the county in which resides or sojourns, a certificate from some authorized board medical examiners or a diploma from some actual medical college, shall punished as prescribed. To the clerk the district court, for recording certificate. To the board examiners, for examination, whether certificate granted or not. i need help writing a philosophy paper Board Examiners. The governor appoints and with the advice and consent the council a board seven medical examiners from the various recognized schools of medicine appointees are required graduates a legally chartered medical college in good standing, Qualification. The board has power issue certificates all who furnish help forming thesis statement satisfactory proof having received degrees or licenses from a chartered medical college in good and legal standing, and pass examinations before said board, Graduates respectable medical colleges at the time the passage the act engaged in actual practice in the Territory shall licensed presenting their degree the board, and producing satisfactory evidence identit. Every person holding a certificate from said board must have recorded in the office the recorder the county in which resides within three months from its date, and the date record must indorsed thereon.

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