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Druse, with the compulsory aid her children, killed her husband with an axe. The body was burned in a wood stove, with pine shingles. the ashes were thrown into a swamp near They were found and carefully sifted. Pieces bone various sizes, identified as human, were found, as also a few porcelain buttons, etc.

A few hairs found, with stains, completed the identity. Experiments in this case showed that the body could have been consumed within ten hours. The prisoner was convicted murder.

As the frequency accidents caused electricity rapidly increasing, have late years been enabled generalize in a manner never before possible in regard their results, and although our present conclusions must recognized as provisional and perhaps temporary changed or modified in accordance with future knowledge yet have obtained a basis fact which can securely rely.

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The general laws injury and accident through electricity have been fairly well determined, although many the details are not et thoroughly worked out or understood.

The advances knowledge in this direction are rapid that an article this subject, if deals too closely with details, liable become out date almost before has left the press.

Like all large subjects when first made objects general interest and investigation, and in regard which education dissertation topics are the threshold only knowledge, the facts discoverable dissertation help free may lead at any time in unexpected directions and open out new fields thought and inquiry.

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We shall try limit ourselves here, as far as possible, proved facts, and leave questions doubtful or in dispute settled later contenting ourselves merely with pointing them out and, perhaps, in some cases giving the facts either side.

Electrical accidents and injuries may divided into those which are caused the atmospheric electricity examples of dissertations lightning proper, globes fire, St. Elmo's fire and those produced through the agency mechanical or artificial electricity electrical machines, batteries, dynamos, etc.

The effects caused these different agents probably vary only in degree the atmospheric electricity in the form lightning, etc. being so much more powerful than the charges usually produced artificially as cause some difference in the results.

Medical Electricity. In the ordinary use the mild forms electricity employed for medical purposes, certain phenomena essay on the help may at times occur, which, although not any serious import or long duration, may yet cause considerable inconvenience, pain, or discomfort the patient or others, and may even some importance from a medico-legal point of view. We shall not enter here into the discussion the proper methods application medical electricity, nor more than point out that if these not followed speech writing help with care the patient may not only not benefited, but made worse, and may even suffer considerable injury. The increase pain caused y the improper application certain currents usually temporary and minor consequence. But serious and lasting inflammations may caused the careless, ignorant, or injudicious use the stronger currents internally, and metritis and perruterine inflammations have been not infrequently reported from the unskilled practice the methods Apostoli. These subjects, however, scarcely come under the scope this article. In addition, however, these troubles may have external injuries produced. Even in cases where the current amounts not more than a few milliamperes burns may be caused the ordinary electrodes the galvanic battery. The faradic current when medically used does not, as a rule, produce any external injuries.

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