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The signs a struggle are hardly consistent with either suicide or accident. The only case in which they might occur would where a struggle occurred prevent a suicide from throwing himself off a height or. before a vehicle or railway train.

In such a case accident would excluded the signs a struggle, and essay about community service the question would lie between homicide and suicide. The examination the clothes the deceased would furnish no evidence unless some letter or paper were found stating the purpose committing suicide. Little or no evidence would furnished the position the body when found in cases which might otherwise doubtful.

Organic lesions or other facts predisposing suicide would furnish presumptive evidence against the wounds being accidental. Of all these various points the first, as the nature the wounds, itself the most valuable and conclusive. But this gives no assistance in clearing a case where is doubtful whether a fall from a height or a crush a vehicle or railway train was accidental or suicidal. Some the other points mentioned may aid in such a case, and also the fact that such injuries are far more often accidental than suicidal. But in these cases, also, certain circumstances may show that the fall was not the result accident. Accidental wounds are generally caused a fall or a crush, and the fact their accidental character generally established the circumstances the event. Certain accidental wounds present characteristics which allow the true nature of the wounds determined. But in some cases a suspicion may arise and the question may asked as whether the WOUND WAS ACCIDENTAL OR HOMICIDAL. For instance, if a person receives fatal homicidal injuries, and just before or after death the body thrown from a height or run over and crushed, may hard determine the murderous element among the many wounds. This the case if the homicidal wounds were contusions or were caused blunt instruments, but rarely, if ever if they are incised or punctured wounds or write dissertation help writing a dissertation both.

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But even in the former instance, a close examination the lesions and the locality the injury can often clear the case. Thus in a case mentioned Vibert, as cited by Vibert Precis ile Leg..

Hofmann after Taylor, a woman was found dead at the foot of some stairs in a cave.

She had died a fracture the skull and the spine, produced the fall. But about four or five feet above the level the top step there was found the wall the fresh marks an arterial jet blood. Examination showed a wound in the right temporal region which had opened the temporal coursework on a resume artery, and was therefore thought that thesis paper help the woman was wounded at the top the stairway and then thrown down, which was afterward proved true. In another case, reported Tourdes, a man knocked down and killed an axe, which crushed his skull and caused the brain exude, was placed in a road frequented at night heavy wagons. The head was placed in the rut, but the coagulated blood and brain formed a puddle which did not appear the wheels or their track, and no bloody furrow was caused by their passage. The same author mentions the case a woman plainly strangulated the hands and then thrown into the ditch the fortifications Paris.

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