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When the marks are made the naked foot, well examine lining off in squares, and compare with the imprint the foot of the accused.

Simple inspection can sometimes give paraphrasing websites the required evidence.

We may even get an impression such imprints in the snow.

Imprints the boots or shoes worn the accused compared with those imprints found at and near the scene of the crime may sometimes help order custom essay online clear the case, but this may perhaps considered outside the sphere the medical witness. Such and other signs a struggle about one of the blood-spots would indicate that the wound was received there, though death may have occurred at another spot. In such a case would well examine see if there was much blood where the body was found, for if there was not it would indicate that the body had been moved there after death, and thus strongly presumptive murder. As furnishing some evidence which may help distinguish between suicide and homicide in the origin wounds, the question may asked, What was the position all ivy writing services the VICTIM when injured OR DYING? and also. What were the relative positions the VICTIM AND ASSAILANT? custom research papers for sale The position the victim at the moment the injury is sometimes medical school essay help indicated the position the wound, the direction its tract, and the direction from the wound the blood on the body and clothes. On the neck or extremities the course and form the wound may indicate the position these parts when the wound was inflicted, for sometimes in flexions of these parts the skin lies in folds, and a wound inflicted when these parts were flexed would irregular, wavy, or zig-zag.

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Further, the position and movement these parts necessary restore directness the woun niaj indicate the position the parts when the wound was inflicted.

The examination the relative positions academic essay writing help the wound in the clothes and the body may help indicate the position the body when wounded. The position the blood the body and the direction the blood from the wound, whether below or at the sides, etc.

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tends show the position the body when bleeding. Thus if the body was at any time in the erect position, some the blood-stains will vertically i need help with my college admission essay below the wound, help writing phd thesis or if the victim was lying the back then the stain would at the sides only and not below the wound, except such stains as indicate that the were produced arterial jets.

Few suicides cut the throat in the recumbent position therefore maj considered in the light an indication homicide if the blood-stains show that the victim was not erect after the wound was inflicted. It well also note the form, direction, and obliquitj essay help writing the blood-spot. This would indicate, comparison with the wound, dissertation coaching the relative position the wounded person and the blood-spot, and thus show whether the body had been moved or not, for instance, the murderer for the purpose of robbery.

The force the bleeding also indicated the form the spot, and this would indicate how rapidly death probably ensued. This fact might thus help judge whether the victim robably died where was wounded, and whether other and remote blood spots would not presumptive murder. If the victim found in night-clothes, this fact would help show that was lying down when wounded. The medical evidence as the position the victim when injured therefore, circumstantial and not very positive that in regard the relative position the victim and assailant even less positive. We presuppose in this question that the case one jnurder. We are not prove murder or refute suicide. We can rarely positive as the relative position the assailed and the assailant. A wound in the back may caused some one in front with an arm behind.

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