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Medicine means medicine and surgery physician means physician and surgeon, To regents, for examination.

To regents, for license without examination under, To county clerk, for registering affidavit and certificate, To county clerk, for registration in an additional county, Qualification.

No person can lawfully practise medicine or surgery, or any the branches thereof, nor in any case prescribe for the cure disease for a fee or reward unless he shall have been first licensed Code, as amended The board medical examiners the State consists regularly graduated physicians appointed the medical society of The board must examine all applicants for a license practise medicine or surgery, or any the branches thereof, on anatomy, physiology, surgery, pathology, resume writing services online medical hygiene, chemistry, pharmac, materia medica, therapeutics, obstetrics, and the practice medicine, and grant a competent applicant a license or diploma authorizing him practise medicine and surgery or any the branches thereof. Where has not been refused a license the board, two members the board grant a temporary need help titling my paper license any applicant continue in force no longer than the next regular meeting the board, as amended, The board examiners must assemble when and where the medical society assembles, which society must assemble at least once a year the board must remain in session from day day till all applicants during the first five days after its meetinghave been examined and disposed. Penalty, Exceptions. A person practising without obtaining a license from the board shall not entitled sue for or recover any medical bill for services and a person who has begun the practice medicine or surgery in the Stats for a fee or reward since February, without first obtaining such a license, shall in addition guilty a misdemeanor and punishable with a fine, or imprisonment at the discretion the court for each offence but the act does not apply women pursuing the avocation midwife, nor any reputable physician or surgeon residing in a neighboring State, coming into this State for consultation with a registered physician resident therein, except a physician residing in a neigh boring State regularly practising in this State, nor does apply physicians who have a diploma from a regular medical college priorto January, as amended, The board may rescind custom article writing service a license upon satisfactory proof that a licensee has been guilty grossly immoral conduct, will you write my paper for me Qualification. Every person practising medicine or surgery in the State was required before January, appear personally before the clerk the superior court the county where resided or practised, for registration, and all persons beginning practise are likewise appear and register within college essay writer thirty days after obtaining a license, as amended. Any person applying for registration must produce and exhibit before the clerk a license from the board medical examiners, or make oath that was practising medicine or surgery in this State prior March, and thereupon the clerk shall register the date, with the name and residence the applicant, and shall issue a certificate registration.

Academic essay service

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The certificate entitles the recipient practise in any county in the State, but if removes his residence another county must exhibit his certificate the clerk such county and registered. Persons having a temporary license are not entitled register but may practise long as the license in force, as amended. Penalty, Exceptions.

To practise without registration and a certificate a misdemeanor punishable with a fine of or imprisonment for each offence, but this act does not apply women pursuing the avocation midwife nor reputable physicians or surgeons residing in a neighboring State coming into the State for consultation with a registered physician this State Act License Fee. A license for each county in which he carries business exacted from every itinerant? medical practitioner, one-half for the use the county and one-half for the use the State but a State license may obtained from the State treasurer good for twelve months, and is then exempt from the portion above tax due the State Act To the secretary the board, before issuing a To the secretary the board, for temporary license, To clerk the court, for registration and certificate, To clerk the countj, for registration removal, no fee Board Examiners.

The governor appoints a State board examiners nine members, eight whom are practising physicians in good standing no member any college or university having a medical department shall appointed. Two members shall homoeopathic physicians and one a The board must hold meetings for examination at such place or argumentative writing homework help places as may designate the first Tuesday January, April, July, and October each year, and such other meetings as may appoint and must keep a record its proceedings with a register every applicant for a license with his or her age, the time spent in the study medicine, and the name and location all institutions granting such applicant a degree or a certificate lectures in medicine or surgery, and whether the applicant was rejected or licensed and said books and register shall prinia facie evidence all matters therein recorded. Qualification. All persons hereafter commencing the practice medicine, surgery, and obstetrics in any its branches shall apply the board for a license, and at the time and place designated the board, or at its regular meeting, examined in anatom, physiology, chemistry, histology, materia medica, therapeutics, preventive medicines, practice of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, diseases women and children, the nervous system, the eye and ear, medical jurisprudence, and such other branches as the board shall deem advisable, and produce evidence having attended three courses lectures of at least six months each the examination must best custom writing service both practical and scientific, but sufficient severity test the candidate's fitness practise medicine, surgery, and obstetrics.

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When desired, the said examination may conducted in the presence of the dean any assignment writers uk medical school or the president any medical society the State.

After examination the board must grant a license practise medicine, surgery, and obstetrics seven members must consent. The board community service essay may revoke or refuse a license for unprofessional, dishonorable, write my essay for me cheap or immoral conduct, chronic or persistent inebriet. y, the practice criminal abortion, or for publicly advertising special ability treat or cure diseases which, in the opinion the board, impossible cure. In complaints for violating the provisions this section, the accused shall furnished with a copy the complaint, and given a hearing before the board in person or attorney. Appeal lies from refusal or revocation the appointing power.. The person receiving a license must file or a certified copy, with the register deeds where resides. On removal into another county must procure from said register a certified copy his license and file with the register deeds in.

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