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The coroner's warrant may served in any count and the officer serving must proceed thereon, in all respects, as upon a warrant arrest an information, except that when served in another county need not indorsed a magistrate that county. When the pay people to write papers defendant brought before the coroner, must proceed examine college essay services the charge contained in the inquisition or information, and hold the defendant answer, or discharge him therefrom, in all respects as upon a warrant of Jurors Must Sworn Coroner. The jurors summoned a coroner attend an inquest must from the county or jurisdiction wherein the coroner empowered act. He cannot proceed with the inquest until has summoned and sworn the jury.

What is a good essay writing service

The jurors are not challengeable, and therefore they should carefully selected and sworn the coroner himself. His duties are judicial professional are essay writing services legal case study writers and can only take an inquest super visum corporis, and an inquest in which the jury not sworn himself absolutely void and no effect.

They Must Investigate and Determine the Facts. After being sworn the coroner they must investigate and determine and are the sole arbiters the facts the coroner's duty being instruct them in the law. The must view, and examine the body together, and not separately. It essential to the validity the inquest that the jury should view the body. Coroner can i pay someone to write my research paper may Compel Attendance Witnesses. When the coroner sits hold an inquest, sits as a judicial officer, armed with all the ordinary powers possessed judicial officers. He may compel the attendance jurors whose qualifications are usually such as are required jurors in a court record.

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It his duty present before the jury all the material testimbny within his power, touching the death as the manner whereof the jury are certify, and that which makes for as well custom writing essay as against the party accused. It his duty summon before his inquest every person whom has any essay writing services reviews reason believe possesses anj knowledge relative the death which investigating.

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He summon such persons attend before him for examination.

He has full authority compel obedience to his subpcenas. He has this power the common law.

If a post-mortem examination made, the examining surgeons should testify before the jury as the matters disclosed by the examination. The witnesses produced must sworn thesis advice by the coroner, and their testimony reduced writing him or The coroner not required take the testimony the witnesses who are examined before the jury in the presence of the party accused. The accused has not the right represented counsel, or cross-examine the witnesses. He is not permitted professional resume writing service produce witnesses before the coroner show himself innocent the crime. The coroner not required to examine any witnesses establish the best cheap essay i need help writing a speech writing service guilt such party when brought before him virtue process issued after the finding Deliberation Jury and Return an Inquisition. After the evidence has been taken, and the jury instructed in the law the coroner, the jury should retire deliberate upon their verdict. During such deliberation and until they have arrived at their verdict the coroner should not present in the room where the jury deliberating.

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