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What followed?. online paper writers When Harry bade the servant open the door, what did the mastiff do?. What happened about the solemuhour midnight?. What did help to write a thesis statement the perfidious Italian at last confess?. What picture stiUto seen at the family seat at need help with essay writing Ditchley, and what words are under it? There a fine band men in London, who have charge the fireescapes which are immense movable ladder-machines, which people descend themselves, or are conveyed, from the windows a house fire. Samuel Wood, one the bravest thesis topics in education those men, has saved more than one hundred men, women, and children, from the flames! Bluch of Wood's success, however, justly due his wonderful little dog Bill. Around his neck the parishioners Wliitehospital have placed a silver collar, in token his valuable services during the nine years that he has filled the important post Fire-escape Dog. Bill, like his master, has very wakeful, and at his post of duty during the whole the night, and therefore sleeps during the day close his master's bed.

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He never attempts run out doors until the hour approaches at which they must the Station.

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Bill does not allow his master sleep too long. He sure wake him, if likely late! How the dog knows the time a puzzle, but know does! When the fire escape wheeled out the Whitehospital hospitalyard, at nine o'clock, Bill promptly at his post.

When an alarm fire heard, Bill, who at other times act essay help very quiet, now begins bark most furiously.

Wood has custom essay writing reviews no occasion spring his rattle for the policemen buying research papers all around know Bill's bark well that they at once sill the alarm fire takes place, letter writing service online when but few people are in the streets, Bill runs round the coffee-honses near, and pushing open the doors, gives his well-known bark, as much as say Come and help, men! come and help! Bill has not bark in vain. His call cheerfully obeyed. In dark nights the lantern has lit, when Bill seizes hold and like a herald, runs before his master. When the ladder erected, Bill at the top custom writing paper service before his active master has reached half y! He jumps into the rooms, and amid thick smoke and the approaching flames, runs from room room, helping his master find and bring out the On one occasion, the fire burned rapidly, and the smoke in the room became thick, that Wood and another man were unable find their way out.

They feared that escape was now hopeless. Bill seemed at once understand the danger, in which his kind master was placed, and he began bark.

Half suffocated, Wood and his comrade knowing this to the signal Follow, at once crawled after Bill, and in a few minutes they were led the window, and thus their lives were saved. Richly does Bill deserve his silver collar. It bears this inscription I the Fire escape's man dog. My name Bill. When Fire called, rm never still. bark for master all danger I brave, To bring tlm escape, man's life for save. Poor Bill, like human beings, has had his trials and sufferings, as well as honours.

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