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This well illustrated in the case Reg.

Snipe, reported in Beck's paraphrasing in communication Medical Jurisprudence, where evidence was adduced show that some spots of mud the boots and clothing the prisoner, when examined microscopically, contained infusoria, shells, and some rare aquatic vegetables. The mud the ditch need someone to write my paper close where the body was found, as also the mud the clothing the dead body, presented the same microscopical appearances. The medical expert who gave this evidence swore that in his opinion the mud spots the body and the prisoner's boots were derived from the same ditch, for the mud all the other ditches in the locality was found, microscopical examination, be different. The well-known case which occurred in New York a few years ago, known as the Shakespeare case, furnishes an example the importance carefully examining all stains If there proofreading an essay are several stabs or cuts the body involving the dress, should noted whether they are blood-stained, and if whether the stain the inside or outside the garments, for sometimes in simulated personal injury a stain blood may inadvertently applied the outside the dress, as in wiping a weapon. Weapons. If a weapon found, the character the weapon and its exact position should noted.

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This frequently importance in custom coursework telling whether a person has died from an accidental or self-inflicted wound. In a case whore death occurs immediately or within a few minutes, the weapon is found near the body, or often tightl grasped in the hand that can with difficulty removed. If the weapon found near the body should noted which side and at what distance, and must questioned whether could have fallen the spot or been thrown there the deceased. It compatible with suicide that the weapon should found at some distance from the body. An instance has been recorded where an individual was discovered in bed with his throat cut, and the bloody razor was found closed and in the pocket the deceased.

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If a weapon cannot discovered, or concealed, strong presumptive evidence homicide especially when the wound such as produce speedy death. Note whether the weapon sharp or blunt, straight or curved. If a knife, the handle and inner portion should examined, for the blade have been washed.

If the wound has involved any large vessels, improbable that the weapon can have been thrown any distance from the writers dissertation formatting help body, and when there are always fair grounds expect interference with the original position the body.

One circumstance which always strongly points suicide the finding the weapon firmly grasped in the hand the cadaver.

The hand a dead person cannot made grasp or retain a weapon as does the hand which has grasped at the last moments life.

The amount blood the weapon should be noted, but must remembered that a knife may have produced a fatal stab wound and still no blood found This explained the fact that in a rapid plunge the vessels were compressed, and only after the drawing the i need help writing a persuasive essay knife and relieving the pressure blood began flow, or possibly the blood may have been wiped off the knife the elasticity the When a person has died a gunshot wound, especially at close range, important look for any wadding or paper found in the wound, as in a number instances the finding such has led the detection the criminal. For example, handwriting has been found the paper, or has formed part a printed page the rest which has been found in possession the accused. When a gun discharged near the body, a portion the wadding almost always who will write my paper for me found in the Having completed the examination the online paper writing service surroundings, one next proceeds with the post-mortem examination, which should conducted according a well-defined plan, following which the results obtained will always satisfactory. If possible the body should removed a large, wellventilated, and especially well-lighted room. No artificial light, if can possibly avoided, should used when performing the autopsy artificial light especially bad account its yellowness and its power modify natural color. Many diseased conditions cannot satisfactorily determined artificial light. The bod should placed a high table, and the facility with which the autopsy made will often depend on having the table high enough render stooping unnecessary.

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