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Death speedy and quiet.

Cut down at end thirty minutes. Necroscopy thirty-five minutes after drop.

Body and head moist and warm emission semen face livid upper lid discolored abrasion skin under right ear deep red mark around neck. Eyeballs not prominent eyelids closed corneae dull pupils a little dilated. Both lenses fractured.

manuscript editing services Brain normal spinal cord normal.

Heart Execution Magee.

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Man, age weight pounds. Drop seven to eight feet. No struggle nor convulsion. Urine discharged at once.

Seven minutes after drop fell, heart-beat one hundred nine minutes, ninety-eight twelve minutes, sixty and fainter fourteen minutes, not audible twenty five minutes, body lowered. Face purple puj ils dilated eyes and tongue did not protrude. Mark cord just above thyroid cartilage, a deep oblique furrow except a small space under left eai knot over mastoid process.

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Forty minutes, cord and strap removed body, especially face, became paler.

Necroscopy a little over an hour after drop fell. Body pale skin mottled small ecchymosis just above line cord right side. Right sterno-mastoid muscle torn. Hyoid bone fractured spine not injured. No buy an essay online seminal coursework writing service uk dischai Ninety minutes, pulsation in right subclavian vein heart custom thesis writing beat, eighty per minute thorax opened, help me write a essay heart exposed right auricle showed full and regular contractions and dilatations. The spinal cord was then divided. One hundred and twenty minutes, heart-beats forty per minute. These pulsations right auricle continued at intervals for three and a half hours longer readily excited point scalpel. Heart normal left ventricle contracted right ventricle not no coagulation.

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