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Persons possessed one or more the qualifications described in Schedule the payment a fee not exceeding are entitled register the production to the registrar the branch council for England, Scotland, or Ireland the document conferring or evidencing the qualification in respect whereof seeks registered, or upon transmitting post such registrar information his name and address, and evidence his qualifications and the time or times at which they were obtained. The several colleges and bodies mentioned in Schedule A may transmit from time time the registrar, under their respective seals, lists the persons who grant such colleges and bodies respectively, are for the time being entitled register, stating the qualifications and residences such best essay writing persons, and shall lawful for the registrar on the payment the said fee enter in the register the persons mentioned in such lists with their qualifications and places of residences as therein stated without other application.

The general council required make orders for regulating the registers from time time.

Persons actually practising medicine in England before August, were entitled register under the act, Any two or more the colleges and bodies in the United Kingdom mentioned in Schedule A may, with the sanction and under the direction the general council, unite or co-operate in conducting the examinations required for qualifications registered. The privy council suspend the right registration in respect qualifications granted any college or body, After such revocation, i need help writing my paper no person shall entitled register in respect any qualification granted such college before The privy council may issue an injunction directing any body entitled grant qualifications desist from imposing upon any candidate for examination an obligation paraphrasing articles adopt or refrain from adopting the practice any particular theory of medicine or surgery as a test or condition admitting him to examination or granting him a certificate and in the event of their not complying, may order that such body cease have the power conferring a right registered long as they shall continue such practice.

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Where any person entitled registered applies the registrar any branch council for that purpose, such registrar required forthwith enter in a local register the name and place residence, and the qualifications in respect which the person entitled and the date registration and in case the branch council for Scotland or Ireland, send to the registrar the general council a copy the entry, and the registrar the general council required cause the same entered in the general register and such registrar required write my summary cause all entries made in the local register for England entered in dissertation editing services the general register.

No qualification entered custom papers online the register, the first registration or way addition a regular name, unless the registrar satisfied need help with essay paper proper evidence that the person claiming entitled Any appeal from the decision the registrar may decided the general council or the council for England, Scotland, or Ireland, as the case may Any entry proved the satisfaction such general council or branch council have been fraudulent or incorrectly made may be erased from the register an order in writing such general council or branch council. Medical Register. The registrar the general council required cause printed, published, and sold under the direction such council, every yearj.

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a correct register of the names with the respective residences and medical titles, diplomas, and qualifications conferred any corporation or university or a doctorate the Canterbury, with the dates thereof, all persons appearing the general register as existing January st in every ear.

Such register called the Medical Register, and a copy the Medical Register for the time being evidence that the persons therein specified are registered according the act, and the absence of the name any person from such copy evidence, until the contrary made do my college paper for me appear, that such person not registered provided, that in the case any person whose name does not appear in such copy, a certified copy under the hand the registrar the general council or a branch council the entry of the name such person the general or local register shall evidence that such person registered.

If any college or body exercise any power possess striking off from its list the name any one its members, shall signify his name the general council and the said council may, if they see fit, direct the registrar erase from the register the qualification derived from such college or body in respect which such member was registered, and the registrar shall note the same therein, but the name no person shall erased from the register the ground his having adopted any theory medicine or surgery. If any registered medical practitioner shall convicted in England or Ireland any felony or misdemeanor, or in Scotland any crime or offence, or shall after due inquiry judged the general council have been guilty infamous conduct in any professional respect, the general council may, executive resume writing services chicago if they see fit, direct the registrar erase the name such medical practitioner from the register. Every person registered who may have obtained any higher degree or other qualification entitled have inserted in the register in substitution for or in addition his qualification previously registered, the payment such fee as the council Compensation. No person entitled receive for any medical or surgical advice, or attendance, or for the performance any operation or for any medicine which shall have both prescribed and supplied, unless prove upon the trial that registered under this act, as amended Definition. The words legally qualified medical practitioner or duly qualified medical practitioner, or any words implying a person recognized law as a medical practitioner or member the medical profession in any act Parliament, mean a person registered under this act, as amended Exemptions.

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If they desire, registered persons are exempt from serving juries, and in all corporation, parish, ward, hundred, and town offices, and in the militia, Disqualifications.

No unregistered person permitted hold any appointment as a physician, surgeon, or other medical officer in the military or naval service, or in emigrant or other vessels, or in any hospital, infirmary, dispensary, or lying-in hospital, not supported wholly voluntary contributions, or in any lunatic asylum, jail, penitentiary, house of correction or industry, parochial or union workhouse or poorhouse, parish union, or other public established body or institution, or any friendly or other society for affording mutual relief in sickness, infirmity, or old age, or as a medical officer health, term paper writer as amended. No certificate required any act from any physician or surgeon licentiate in medicine and surgery, or other medical practitioner, valid unless the signer registered under this act, as amended. Penalty. Wilfully procuring or attempting procure one's seK registered making or producing or causing to made or produced an false or fraudulent representation or declaration, or aiding or abetting therein, a misdemeanor in England and Ireland, and in Scotland a crime or offence, punishable fine or imprisonment. The imprisonment cannot exceed twelve months. Wilfully and falsely pretending or taking or using the name or title physician, doctor medicine, licentiate in medicine and surger, bachelor medicine, surgeon, general practitioner, or apothecary, or any name, title, addition, or description implying registration under this act, or recognition law as a physician or surgeon or licentiate in medicine and surgery, or practitioner in medicine, or apothecary, punishable summary conviction a penalty not exceeding £ Deceased Physicians. Every registrar deaths in the United Kingdom, receiving notice the death any medical practitioner, required transmit the registrar the general council and the registrar the branch council romeo and juliet essay help a certificate such death with the time and place, and the receipt such certificate the medical registrar required erase the name the deceased from the register. Exceptions.

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