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The striking and usual phenomena are exhaustion, unconsciousness, stertorous respiration, and death, occurring syncope, within a few moments or hours.

In a number cases the symptoms cerebral apoplexy with In others, the condition seems one complete exhaustion.

The majority cases seem a combination these several conditions, with death resulting from syncope. The ordinary phenomena the attack are pain in the head, hurried respiration sometimes stertorous, violent beating the heart with failing its power, oppression within the chest and, occasionally, nausea and vomiting.

The pupils are sometimes dilated and sometimes contracted, but in all cases exhibit lessened sensitiveness light. The suddenness the attack modifies the symptoms developed.

These are exhaustion with syncopic tendency and a rapid rise in the temperature the body a point destructive to the activity the nervous centres. This accompanied by an abnormal condition the blood, resulting from loss its watery portions, with retention effete products and impaired aeration. A tendency general stasis, specially marked by congestions the lungs and brain, present.

Help with doctoral thesis

The change in the blood a very important factor. In some cases, not fatal at the outset, this induces a septic condition. The greatly elevated temperature the body undoubtedly produces certain modifications which type in some respects, as a febrile disease help me write a speech but this, with the septic tendency due to blood changes, not sufficient designate as a purely thermal dissertation writing services uk fever as some have claimed.

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It something Sunstroke occurs more commonly in tropical than temperate climates and usually in the day-time, at the period greatest solar activity, those attacked being engaged in labor involving considerable exertion.

It occasionally, though rarely, occurs at night. The military service affords abundant opportunity for observation. Here the seizures are the march, rarely in camp.

Fatigue, prolonged and extreme exertion, ill-adjusted clothing and accoutrements, with the deprivation cool water, are fully as active factors as the heat the sun. The deathrate ranges between forty and fifty per cent, the mild cases being excluded. Death in some cases marked syncope, in others apnoea, though the majority seem die a combination both, as in most cases the pulmonarj congestion is more or less pronounced. Undoubtedly the character the symptoms and mode death are influenced, in many cases, by individual tendencies leading apoplectic conditions or cardiac grant writing services or other complications. This must adjusted the pathological conditions the patient. As custom article writing already indicated, two classes cases are met one marked exhaustion, with tendency death syncope, the other, a state or tendency cerebral congestion or apoplectic conditions. need help in thesis Exactly opposite methods treatment are demanded. In the first, frequenc and feebleness the heart's action, with faintness the heart sounds and embarrassment respiration, indicate the tendency death nervous exhaustion, and must met placing the patient in a condition absolute rest and quiet in a cool place. Stimulants must be promptly administered, though cautiously account the tendency nausea and vomiting. 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