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On the first two trials the jury could not agree, owing chiefly the absence blood stains, but on the website content auto essay writer writing services third trial was convicted and afterward admitted that he had removed the blood stains from the clothes with cold water.

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Also in the case the accused, who was tried for the murder William writing custom Russel, had no blood-stains his clothes. All the vessels the throat the deceased had been cut the vertebra while was asleep.

It was contended most strongly that the accused could not possibly have committed the crime, as had no bloodstains.

But after conviction confessed that wore no clothes when committed write my term paper free the murder, and only had to wash his hands and the carving-knife used. Again, in the case Reg.

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the defence mainly relied the absence blood the prisoner's clothing. The wound in the throat the wife tlu accused was five inches long, directed from left right, dividing all Jurisprudence.

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the vessels and nerves the neck. The medical witness stated justly that no such wound could self-inflicted.

It was rapidly fatal. No weapon was found near the body. The prisoner The same author cites the case a prisoner whose trousers worn soon after the murder no blood-marks were found, but the trousers buy a thesis actually worn him were found with blood upon them. Juries have even acquitted the prisoner apparently only because no marks blood were found, though the other circumstances were explicable only the theory murder.

It should remembered in this connection that blood-stains may found the clothing many, especially the coarse clothing working-people.

This may accounted for the occupation, flea-bites, accidental circumstances, or may occur without definite help with my thesis statement explanation. coursework writers Such persons may accused of murder and yet the blood-stains consistent with innocence. Too much importance should not, therefore, attached to them, even if the accused cannot satisfactorily explain them and if does not attempt in a suspicious way. That blood the clothing even under suspicious circumstances may consistent with innocence illustrated the case a suicide cutting the throat, cited Taylor. In this case the son first found his father dead, and thought that had broken a blood-vessel. He raised the body, staining his hands and clothes, then went for help. At the inquest was closely questioned as the presence the blood-stains, but there could no doubt that the case was one suicide. In general, may say that a murderer much more likely escape without blood-stains in contused wounds, and more likely in the case punctured wounds than in incised wounds, for in punctured wounds the bleeding much less free and is less likel spurt from the wound.

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