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The most numerous people in the world how to be a good essay writer are the Chinese. The freest country in Europe England, and the most enslaved Turkey. The oldest empire in the world China, and the newest is the Brazils. The most mountainous country in Europe Norway, and the flattest Russia.

The highest mountain in Europe Mount Blanc, in Savoy, in France and the highest mountain in the world MontEverest, one the Himalaya mountains, in Asia.

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The largest river in the world the Maranon, or Amazon, in South America. Great Britain has the largest fleet ships in Europe.

France, Austria, and Russia have the largest armies.

England paraphrasing activity the most trading country in ihe world, and the United States next South America remarkable for its gold and silver mines.

Custom writing services uk

Arabia famed for fine horses.

Egypt and Palestine were civilized, when Europe was all barbarous now Europe civilized, and they are in a rude state. Greece was once the mightiest nations, and now the weakest.

The Italians and Germans are the most musical people in the world, and the Chinese the least He online dissertation writing who speaks the French language can travel all over Europe, and who speaks the English can trade all over the Anchovies come from the Mediterranean. The best brandy apa paraphrasing citation distilled in France. Butter carried England from Ireland, Holland, and Holstein.

Carpets the best sort are manufactured in Persia and Turkey.

Cheese one kind, called Dutch cheese, comes from Holland. Cocoa grows in the East Indies, essays help and in Polynesia coffee in Arabia, the East and West Indies, Persia, and America. Cork comes from France, Spain, and Italy. Cotton brought coursework sample of written work from the European Union, the East and West Indies, where grows a tree also brought from Egypt, Cyprus, Smyrna, etc. Deal wood comes from Sweden, Norway, and America. Diamonds are found in Brazil and India. Figs grow in Turkey, chiefly Smyrna. Codfish is brought from Newfoundland. Gin, called Hollands, distilled in HollandGloves the best sort are made in France.

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