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Whatever the obstacle that intercepts the connection the lungs with the atmosphere, the apparent differences are only secondary and the essential symptoms are identical, because all act in suppressing the functions the blood and hsematosis.

thesis paper In fact, the phenomena asphyxia are constant and related disturbances in the respiration, innervation, and circulation, which vary according as the asphyxia the result submersion or the absence oxygen in the surrounding medium, according as asphyxia immediate or slow. The fatal result asphyxia owing the introductory arrest the pulmonary circulation, the capillaries the lungs being incapable conveying venous blood. The stagnation the blood in the lungs followed paresis the respiratory centre and stoppage help writing college write my sociology paper application essay the heart. The authorities are that an individual who dies asphyxiated submersion passes through three stages. At first experiences a violent shock, followed an inspiration surprise, which results from the contact water with the lungs causing a reflex cough.

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Then for some seconds there a voluntary suspension respiration, online essay editor giving rise other forcible involuntary expirations. In this dyspnoeic second period the face and brain become congested, owing slowing the encephalic circulation.

Loss consciousness soon follows, when the drowning person enters the third stage, which that of asphyxia.

In this period the individual gasps deeply, the pupils are dilated, the sphincters paralyzed, and the limbs are agitated clonic convulsions.

This followed complete When a fatal termination in drowning results from that form neuro-paralysis known as syncope, in which death begins at the heart, infer from experiments that the sudden loss consciousness arises from the violent impressions that the sensitive nerves convey the bulb. Such a result more likely occur in persons with weak heart and languid circulation, who are more susceptible fright and shock or the sudden collapse from intense cold. It also shown that stammerers, who have a defective innervation the phrenic and of the pneumogastric, succumb more rapidly than others. The importance ncope as a cause death in drowning much restricted when consider the fact that the circulation the last the functions extinguished in an animal that for purposes experiment has been subjected submersion. This has been shown in a sensuous way experiment, aided the resources the graphic method, which registers the respiratory modifications as shown the pneumograph and also the condition the femoral artery in connection with a kymographion. The heart continues beat as much as three minutes after the help me write an essay animal has succumbed, and recent autopsy gives almost constant proof asphyxia. In fact, held that syncope takes but small part in this form death, the general agreement opinion being that nothing short a syncope that would fatal either in or out the liquid medium can account for the entire absence some the signs death Among the symptoms often present in drowning persons, many relate nervous phenomena and the mental state, which may vary with individual presence mind and moral force. Persons who have escaped this kind death have observed auditory and visual hallucinations, as flashes light, the ringing distant bells, and the like. Just before the outset the asphyxiation a rather curious functioning the brain known as hypermnesia help writing thesis statement takes place, in which the revivescence ideas, need help writing a college essay objects, or facts relates anterior impressions long past that seem have been forgotten.

Custom research papers

According the narratives many drowning persons who have escaped the last consequences asphyxia, this condition was attended general exaltation the memory such a nature that their whole previous conscious existence seemed, in an incredibly uc essay help short period and with great clearness and precision, pass before them in panoramic review. In Admiral Beaufort's letter Dr. Wollaston, the memory impressions are said have occurred in retrograde succession. A medical man resuscitated from drowning reports that just before losing consciousness this particular cerebral activity, in his case, took a most realizing sense of the situation and the consequences his family. This cerebral superexcitement not, however, a constant thing, nor all subjects experience the ineffable agony drowning. Persons have been taken from the water apparently dead who, regaining consciousness, declared that they experienced neither oppression nor suffering and had no recollection what had passed.

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