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Although a given fatal wound might not have caused death under the best possible treatment and surroundings, yet, according to the above rule, the assailant held responsible as long as the fatal result due partly, at least, the wound.

Therefore see the responsibility the surgeon not only for the life of his patient, but also for that the prisoner. He should, therefore, not deviate from the ordinary and most accepted practice in such cases, as any such deviation taken hold the counsel for the defence. In fact, every point the treatment In a lacerated wound the foot, if death occurs from tetanus, may claimed that death would not have occurred if the foot had been amputated, if the foot were amputated and death followed, may claimed that amputation was unnecessary and was the cause death. The surgeon should, therefore, able give the best reasons for every step of Again, may claimed that death was not a necessary result the wound and was avoidable but for imprudence DEATH FOLLOWING SLIGHT PERSONAL INJURIES. OR NEGLECT the part the wounded person.

A man after being wounded may refuse i need help to write my write my essay online essay receive medical assistance, after receiving may disobey instructions or refuse submit an operation proposed. Thus with a compound depressed fracture the skull the patient may either refuse see a surgeon, cheap essay writing service us or may refuse submit an operation proposed, or may with or without operation disobey the instructions as diet and quiet, and eat or drink heavily and refuse to bed.

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Such a case can readily benefits of paraphrasing imagine might die meningitis, etc.

If the symptoms a wound are unfavorable from the start, or if the pay to do wound itself likely prove mortal, the responsibility the assailant unmitigated imprudence or neglect medical assistance the wounded person. This not allowed as mitigatory, as a sane man a free agent and not obliged call in or submit medical treatment. Moreover, a medical witness in many cases could not swear that an operation or other plan treatment would certainly save life.

Thus an amputation the leg for wound the foot causing tetanus no means a certain means cure. But help for writing can readily imagine a case where the refusal submit the treatment proposed might an important element thesis proposal writing service in causing death. Thus in a compound depressed fracture the skull with compression, the medical witnesses would agree that the operation would in all probability save life. This fact would probably only mitigatory in diminishing the penalty, and, as stated above, would not secure acqviittal. But none the less important for the medical witness bear these facts in mind and bring out the cts and conclusions clearly in his testimony.

Death Following Slight Personal Injuries.

Here again the claim might apparently justified that death was not necessarily due the trifling injury. And in reality there is commonly some unhealthy state the body explain such an unexpected result. When the disease accounting for this unhealthy state the body in some other part than the injury, an examination with ordinary care will explain the case. But if the disease and injury are located in the same part, especially in the head, the case more perplexing, but may cleared up careful and thorough examination. Also the usual results such an injury should considered, and whether the disease would a usual result the injury, or whether the sum total the pathological conditions found would accounted for by the violence. It shovild remembered that the presence of chronic disease no excuse. Thus Taylor cites the case of Reg.

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