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Accidents in which the lumbar region forcedly flexed are most apt followed injury the kidney. The injury may cause no prominent symptoms, but usually lumbar pain and tenderness, frequent micturition and hematuria, benefits of paraphrasing and in severe cases the symptoms hemorrhage and shock are present. The injury may speedily fatal from hemorrhage or collapse, or more slowly fatal from peritonitis, when the peritoneum involved, or from abscess and septic infection, or from uraemia if the other kidney diseased. Slight injuries are generally recovered from.

As the case with the liver and spleen, after injuries the kidney the victim may walk about, etc.

Example dissertation

unless there copious coursework questions and immediate hemorrhage. college papers help The bladder may wounded directly through the hypogastrium, vagina, or rectum may punctured a broken fragment the pelvis, especially the pubis, best writing service reviews or may frequently ruptured from blows, crushes, or falls. The latter accident occurs especially where the bladder distended. The bladder may also rupture spontaneously from over-distention, which may or may not favored disease the bladder wall, in which case rupture occurs more easily, Medico-legally the question may arise whether the rupture was spontaneous or due injury. In this connection should remembered that the injury may leave no external mark violence, and a case is recorded in which the bladder was ruptured a fall in wrestling but the question can determined only an examination the bladder. If the wall the bladder thinned the pressure a calculus assignment writers in australia or from other causes, or if weakened by tubercular, syphilitic, or carcinomatous deposits or ulcerations, may spontaneously ruptured best custom essays from slight distention or a slight degree violence may rupture If violence has been employed responsible for the rupture, though the diseased condition may act as a mitigating circumstance not a distended bladder, as the latter not abnormal. In spontaneous rupture from over-distention without disease the bladder wall, stricture, hypertrophied prostate, or some such condition must present account for the over-distention.

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Spontaneous rupture the bladder can, therefore, only occur when either disease the bladder wall or obstruction the urethra present. No condition excludes rupture from violence. If there an injury followed the symptoms rupture the bladder and death and the bladder and urethra are healthy, there can little doubt that death was due the injury. Wounds or rupture the bladder may extra-peritoneal or intra-peritoneal. Rupture from disease the bladder wall occurs at the site the diseased and weakened spot, which is most often at the base the bladder.

Rupture the bladder from violence occurs most often the best essay writing company postero-superior wall, running downward from the urachus, in which case the peritoneum would involved.

A punctured wound the bladder wall may minute that the leakage very slow and the customary symptoms may obscured, or the opening may be valvular in character, perhaps allowing escape urine only when the bladder not distended. The symptoms consist of pain, inability micturate, and the presence blood in the little fluid which can drawn a catheter. Fluid injected not all returned and the bladder cannot distended. After a time varying from a few hours a few days, depending upon the size the opening and the condition the urine, peritonitis or perrvesical cellulitis set the former being generally fatal, the latter not necessarily Prompt surgical treatment may save the patient's life avoiding peritonitis. Extraperitoneal ruptures are far less dangerous than intra-peritoneal, as in the former case cellulitis and abscess in the cellular tissue around the bladder, which may subsequently treated operation and drainage, take the place peritonitis in the latter case, for which prevention the only safe treatment. In extraperitoneal rupture death, if occurs, generally due septicaemia in the intra-peritoneal variety due peritonitis. These cases custom essay writing services reviews injury the bladder may die suddenly and speedily from shock or from peritonitis in three seven days, or not until fifteen days or In punctured and incised wounds the urine escapes more slowly, peritonitis develops less early, and death longer delayed.

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