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Rights Registered Practitioner. Every person registered under the act entitled practise medicine and surgery, including midwifery, or an them as the case may in British Columbia, and demand and online dissertation receive in any court the province, with full costs the suit, reasonable charges for professional aid, advice, and visits, and the costs any medical or surgical appliances writing company rendered or supplied by Evidence.

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The registrar the council, under the direction the council, required publish a correct register the names and residences with the medical titles, diplomas, and qualifications conferred any college or body, all persons appearing the register at the date publication. Said register called The British Columbia Medical Register. A copy such register for the time being, purporting printed and published, shall prima facie evidence that the persons therein specified are registered according the provisions of this and, subject this section, the absence the name any person from such copy shall prnma facie evidence that such person not registered according this In the case a person whose name does not appear in such copy, a certified copy under custom paper writers the hand the registrar the entry the name such person the editing essays register shall evidence that such person i registered under this act, Homoeopathic Physicians. Any homoeopathic physician holding a diploma qualification from any authorized school or college requiring a three-years course stud may registered, and shall not bound pass the examination required, but in lieu thereof, shall pass before the council, or such them as may appointed for that purpose, a satisfactory examination in anatomy, physiology, athology, chemistry, obstetrics, and surgerj, as amended..

Neglect Register. Those entitled register and neglecting are not entitled any the rights and privileges conferred registration and are liable all penalties against unqualified or unregistered practitioners. Fraudulent Registration. If a person procures or causes procured his registration means any false or fraudulent representation or declaration, the registrar may, on receipt sufficient apa paraphrasing citation evidence that effect, report the matter to the council and, the written order the president, attested the seal the council, erase the name such person from the register and make known the fact and the cause thereof in the British Columbia Gazette, and after such notice has appeared such person shall cease a registered practitioner, and to enjoy any the privileges conferred registration, without the express sanction the council. To wilfully procure or attempt procure registration by false representations or declarations punishable a penalty not exceeding. To knowingly aid or assist therein punishable with a penalty for each offence, Unlawful Practices.

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It not lawful for any person not registered practise medicine or surgery for hire, gain. or hope reward. To practise or profess practise, or advertise give advice in medicine or surgery, punishable with a penalty. For a person wilfully or falsely pretend a physician, doctor, or medical, surgical, or general practitioner, or assume any title, address, or description other than actually possesses and legall entitled punishable a penalty A person not registered who takes or uses any name, title, addition, or description implying or calculated lead people to infer that registered or recognized law as a physician, surgeon, or licentiate in medicine or surgery punishable with a penalty.

Costs may awarded in addition the penalty against an offender, and default payment may committed to the common jail for one month unless the costs are sooner Unregistered Persons.

No one but a person registered under this act entitled receive any charge for an medical or surgical advice or attendance or the performance any operation or for any medicine that may have prescribed.

Appointments as medical officers, physicians, or surgeons in any branch the public service, or hospital or a charitable institution not supported wholly voluntary contribution, are conferred registered persons only.

No certificate required from any physician or surgeon or medical practitioner valid unless the signer registered, Evidence. writing website In a prosecution, the burden proving registration upon the person charged. Registration may proved the production a printed or other copy the register certified under the hand the registrar the council for the time being, and any certificate such copy purporting signed any person as registrar prima facie evidence that registrar without further Limitations. Prosecutions under the act must commenced within six months from the date the offence. Stay. The council may stay proceedings in prosecutions college composed representatives selected as provided in the act, each whom must a practitioner licensed under this No member the college who in arrears for his annual fees or any part thereof entitled vote at the election for members the council or eligible for election as a member Register.

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