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The latter are usually firm consistencj dry, a whitish color, and closel entangled in the trabeculae, while the former are succulent, moist, a reddish ellow color, and are easily detached from the walls the heart cavities. Ante-mortem clots are rarel seen, and the medical examiner should careful not attribute the cause of essay editor for students death the post-mortem clots which are often seen. After the heart opened can with more care and greater accuracy examine the condition the valves and recognize the The condition the endocardium should now examined and any abnormahtj noted. Often will seen stained a deep red color. This not due disease, but caused the absorption custom essay meister review the coloring matter thesis coaching the blood which has been set free decomposition. The size the heart cavity and the thickness the heart walls should noted, as also their consistency and color.

It should remembered that the heart walls may appear unusually flabby as the result decomposition, or apparently thickened when death occurs in extreme term paper help systole.

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The interior the heart can further examined by passing the enterotome into each auricle, carrying the incision online help with essay writing through the mitral and tricuspid valves join at the apex with the previous incision, which has been prolonged through the ventricles the apex. Thus the auriculo ventricular valves Having removed the blood from the heart next weighed. The average normal weight the human heart is about twelve ounces in the male, and a little less in the female its size roughly corresponding the closed hand the individual. Normally, the thickness the walls the left ventricle about its middle five-eighths mba thesis writing services two-thirds an inch, and of the right ventricle one-eighth one-quarter an inch.

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Note the condition the aorta above the heart, whether it dilated, atheromatous, or shows calcareous deposits. Examine the coronary arteries opening them with a blunt-pointed scissors. Disease these vessels with thrombosis one of the causes sudden death which often overlooked. professional ghostwriter The Lungs. The where to buy research papers cheap lungs are removed lifting them from the pleural cavity and cutting through the vessels and bronchi at their base.

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If a lung very adherent sometimes better remove the organ with the costal pleura attached as not tear the lung substance.

Examine the external surface of the lung as its shape, color, and custom essay UK consistency.

Next open the large bronchi with a blunt-pointed scissors, and prolong the incision into the writing thesis proposal pulmonarj substance along the minute bronchi.

Observe the contents the bronchial tubes, the appearance of the mucous membrane, and their relative thickness. Remember that very difficult tell cheap essay service the condition in which the mucous membrane was during life account the early post-mortem changes which affect and also because the contents the stomach may have been forced after death the oesophagus and down the bronchi, giving the tubes a peculiar reddish and Having examined the bronchi, the hmg turned over and its base grasped firmly in the left hand. An incision made from apex base, which will expose at a single cut the greatest extent pulmonary surface. Note the color the lung substance, and whether the alveoli contain blood, serum, or inflammatory products. Blood and serum can easily forced from the lungs pressure between the fingers, while inflammatory exudations cannot. Examine carefully for the presence miliary tubercles.

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