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Those entitled register and neglecting are not entitled any rights or privileges conferred registration, and are liable all the penalties against unqualified or unregistered practitioners Fraudulent Registration. If a person procures registration means false or fraudulent representations lawful for the registrar, a receipt sufficient evidence such falsity or fraud, represent the matter the council, and on the written order the president, attested the seal the college, erase his name from the register and publish the fact and cause erasure in the Ontario Gazette and after such notice such person ceases a member said college and to enjoy the privileges conferred registration without the express sanction the council. Offences and Penalties. Wilfully procuring or attempting procure registration false or fraudulent representations punishable with a penalty not exceeding. members the society and entitled register under this act without a fee.

All persons registered under this act are members the said Registration.

There a council said society, composed seven members the society elected the society, which required appoint a registrar among other officers, and cause him keep a register the name of every person registered under this act, or the acts mentioned in, and from time time the names all persons who have complied with this act and the rules and regulations made the council respecting the qualifications practitioners of medicine, surgery, or midwifery, which called the Prince Edward Island Medical Register and only those persons whose names are inscribed therein are qualified and licensed practise medicine, surger, or midwifery, except as hereinafter provided The registrar required keep his register correct, and to make the necessarj alterations in the addresses and qualifications persons registered. The council required admit registration, the payment the registration fee, all persons duly registered the medical council Great Britain or otherwise authorized to practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery in the United Kingdom Great Britain and Ireland.

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Every person who holds a medical or surgical degree or diploma dated prior January, from any university, college, or school medicine in Great Britain, Ireland, or Canada, or any the universities or colleges in the United States mentioned in Schedule entitled register producing the registrar such diploma or satisfactory evidence of the qualification in respect whereof seeks registered Every person desirous being registered, not registered under the acts dissertation assistance service mentioned, and who had not become possessed a diploma as provided, must, before being entitled register, examined as his knowledge and skill for the efficient practice his profession before the medical council, and passing the examination required and producing write my research paper for free proof study in medicine, surgery, and midwifery four years, one which may with a registered medical practitioner, shall, subject the next section, entitled register and virtue such registration practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery provided, the council may, if see fit, dispense with the examination in any case. No person commencing the study medicine or after September, shall entitled register unless has passed a matriculation examination equivalent that the College Surgeons London, or shall hold a license as a firstclass teacher in this province, or shall have obtained from tht council a certificate that has satisfactorily passed a matriculation examination in the subjects specified in Schedule buy a essay Any graduate or patient matriculated in the arts in anj university in Her Majesty's dominions shall not required to pass the matriculation examination.. The council may grant a license practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery an applicant at the time the passage of this assignment writing service review act practising medicine, surgery, or midwifery, or any of them, in Prince Edward Island, a preliminary examination as the council may think necessary for the public safety, provided such person shall have practised five years in the province, but such person not thereby entitled registration When there has been established an authorized examining body or an institution recognized the legislature any other province the Dominion Canada as the sole examining body for granting certificates qualification, and where the curriculum equal that appointed the medical council Prince Edward Island, the holder such certificate shall, upon due proof, entitled registration the council of Prince Edward Island, if the same privilege accorded in such other province those registered in Prince Edward Island The council required hold examinations at least every how can i pay someone to write my essay three months, if required, for candidates for registration, at such places and times and in the same manner as the council Every person registered who obtains a higher degree or other qualification shall, the payment such fees as the council shall appoint, entitled have registered in substitution for or in addition the qualification previously registered, No qualification entered unless the registrar satisfied, proper evidence, that the person claiming entitled register There an appeal the council any name proved to the council have been fraudulently or incorrectly entered may erased an order in writing the council, If the registrar dissatisfied with the evidence, subject appeal the council, refuse registration until the person claiming has furnished evidence the satisfaction the registrar, duly attested oath or affidavit before a notary public or justice the peace, A medical practitioner guilt infamous or disgraceful conduct in a professional respect liable have his name erased, and if apply for registration the council may refuse The registrar may publish in a newspaper or newspapers of Prince Edward Island the fact that the name such person has been erased, and the cause the erasure, but not until the appeal, if any has been taken within the time allowed, has been Where the council refuse register, or direct an erasure, the entry shall not again made except direction the council or the order the supreme court or a judge thereof Five days notice the meeting the council for the hearing an appeal under must served the person charged, embodying a copy the charges or a statement the inquiry and the time and place meeting.

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Rights Registered Persons.

Every person licensed or registered under the act entitled according his qualifications practise medicine, surger, and midwifery, or any of them, as the case may and recover with costs his reasonable charges for professional aid, advice, and visits, and the cost of medicines or medical and surgical appliances rendered or supplied him his patient. Limitations.

Twelve months established as the period limitations for an action from negligence or maly ractice against a person registered. Evidence. The registrar required, under the direction the council, print and publish once in two years a register the names all persons registered, with the residence and medical title, diploma, and qualification conferred any college or body, with the dates thereof, as existing the day the publication. A copy such register, for the time being, purporting printed and published, isj rima facie evidence that the persons specified are registered. The absence a name from such copy prima facie evidence that such person not In case a name does not appear in the copy, a certified copy, under the hand the registrar the council, the entry a name evidence that such person registered. Fraudulent Registration. If a person registered by false or fraudulent representations the registrar, the receipt sufificient evidence thereof, report the matter the council, and the order the council erase his name from the register and make known the fact and cause a notice in the newspaper or newspapers Prince Edward Island, Offences and Penalties. Wilfully procuring or attempting procure registration false or fraudulent representation punishable with a penalty not exceeding. Knowingly aiding and assisting therein punishable with a penalty for each offence. Without registration or license, practising for hire or hope reward or advertising give advice in medicine, surgery, or midwifery punishable with a penalty not exceeding Wilfully or falsely pretending a physician, doctor of medicine, surgeon, or general practitioner, or assuming a title, addition, or description not actually possessed, or pretending to recognized law as a physician, accoucheur, or a licentiate in medicine, surgery, or midwifery, punishable with a penalty Unregistered Persons. No person entitled recover a charge for medical or surgical advice or attendance or for the performance a surgical operation unless registered, licensed, or otherwise authorized under this act.

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