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Go Green Day!

Go Green Day Friday 13 October 2017
Dress up in green and take part to help protect rainforests on Go Green Day, our national day of action.

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Maisy helped rainforests on Go Green Day!

Maisy Jenkins was just seven years old when she became aware of the threat to the world’s rainforests. Determined to do something about it, she prepared and delivered an assembly about deforestation to her 250 fellow school pupils. Encouraged by Maisy, the whole school organised a Go Green Day and held a cake sale.

Not knowing how much 1 hectare was, Bristol Rugby Club opened their ground early so that Maisy could stand in the middle of the pitch and get an idea of how much rainforest her efforts had helped to preserve. With Maisy’s help the staff, pupils and parents at Sefton Park School managed to raise an amazing £427.

Maisy is a great example of what we call ‘people power’; an individual taking positive action to create positive change in their world. Thanks so much Maisy!


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