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Med. Jurisprud..

Also a number injuries, no one which alone could be the direct cause death, may cause death the spot or verysoon afterward. Death in such cases, where there no large effusion under essay writing help the skin, referred exhaustion, which, however, merely another term for shock. Such cases are exemplified prize-fighters who, during or after the fight, become collapsed and die exhaustion. Having sustained numerous cheap custom research paper blows the body during the many rounds, the body presents the marks various bruises, but there may nothing else explain the sudden death.

No one injury or bruise mortal, and yet, when the deceased was previously sound and in good health, death must referred directly the multiple injuries received in the fight. We have already stated above that if the injuries are numerous, the loss a smaller amount blood free custom research papers may fatal.

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We see, therefore, that there not always a specific and visible mortal injury account for death. This a well-kno Ti medical fact, but does not accord with the erroneous popular prejudice that no one can die from violence without some one visible wound which mortal. In other words, the non-professional mind leaves out account the idea shock, only regarding material injury and not functional disturbance. If the circumstances accompanying death are unknown, well cautious. But if the deceased was in ordinary health and vigor and there was no morbid cause to account for the sudden website content writing death, need not hesitate refer II. Was the Wound the Cause Death Necessarily? This brings a number interesting questions considered.

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write my custom paper In medical compare and contrast essay help jurisprudence there probably no condition common as that the injury admitted, but death attributed some other cause.

Thus if there are several ivounds it may hard decide the relative degree mortality an particular one, as able say that death was directly or necessarily due this or that one.

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The defence may plead that death was not necessarily due the particular wound attributed the prisoner.

This brings the question Which two or more Wounds was the Cause of Death? No general rule can laid down for all cases, but each help paper case must judged i need help with writing an essay itself. Another way putting the question Which two or more icounds ivas mortal? The questions are not quite synonymous, for two or more the wounds might mortal but not equally the cause death. In fact, as have alread seen, no one the wounds if buy custom term paper they are multiple may itself mortal, but taken together they are Consequently will suppose that there are but two wounds, and not multiple ones, and the question remains which these wounds was the cause death. professional essay help A wound may said buy an essay cheap itself mortal when the cause death directly or indirectly in spite the best medical assistance. In some continental states mortal wounds are divided into two classes, those absolutely and those conditionally mortal, the former including those in which the best medical assistance at hand, sent for or timely rendered without everting the result. The mortal result in the second class conditional want treatment, improper treatment, or accidental circumstances. As Taylor says, better look at the effect the wound and the intent the assailant, as done in English law, rather than at accidental relations the To return the question, can readily imagine that a man may receive two wounds at different times or from different persons, and die after the second wound. Taylor mentions the following case in which the question arose as which of two injuries caused death In Reg.

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