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Hemorrhage in injury to the bladder not visually serious the blood found partly in the bladder, partly in the pelvis, where the fluid extravasated peritonitis also found.

The victim a wound or rupture the bladder may often walk about buy essay papers cheap for some time after the Stomach essay writing service discount code and Intestines.

Punctured wounds, more rarely, best custom essay writers incised wounds the abdomen may involve these organs, or they may ruptured blows, crushes, and falls, or from disease. Stab-wounds these viscera may multiple from a single stab, the instrument traversing one coil, perhaps, and then wounding others, though this less often the case than with gunshot wounds.

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Ruptures too may be multiple, though less often than wounds. The ileum most liable rupture, though several cases rupture the jejunum are record. Like the bladder, the stomach and, a less extent, the intestines are more liable ruptured when distended.

Ruptures the stomach or intestines are seldom attended need help with research paper with much hemorrhage, while wounds may occasionally cause a serious and fatal hemorrhage from the wounding a large blood-vessel. The principal danger lies in the leakage the contents the stomach and intestines, which almost always sets a septic peritonitis. This may sometimes become help with writing a good thesis statement localized and spontaneous cure, though as a rule becomes general and fatal.

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In buy academic papers such cases early operation may avoid the fatal peritonitis.

A punctured wound may be small as closed the mucous membrane, avoiding the escape the contents the gut. Or a wound may not entirely penetrate the wall the stomach or intestines, which only gives way some days, perhaps, after the injury, though the injury entirely responsible do my term paper for me for the delayed result.

These injuries are sometimes fatal immediately or very speedily from shock, while in other cases very extensive injury online writing help for college students there may almost no shock, and the victim aware no serious injury. It an important point remember medico-legally that spontaneous rupture the stomach i need help writing a reflective essay writing service online or intestines may occur owing ulceration due disease.

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This can determined by a careful examination the wall the stomach or intestines at the site the rupture. A slight injury may also cause rupture if the wall the gut weakened disease, as the disease causes greater liability rupture.

Here too remembered that a severe injury causing rupture may leave no mark violence the abdominal wall. The power walking or other muscular exertion after such injuries the stomach or intestines not infrequently preserved, as recorded in numerous cases. The prognosis in such injuries the stomach and intestines always extremely grave. These are not common as medico-legal cases. Self castration or mutilation sometimes practised lunatics, idiots, or even intoxicated persons. Thus a man who, while intoxicated, cut off his genital organs and died the next day from the effects hemorrhage was seen Demarquay. Circumcision in infants also sometimes fatal from phlegmonous inflammation. Incised, lacerated, or contused wounds the female genitals may fatal from hemorrhage from many small vessels.

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