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What a European verst? Very little more than three quarters an English mile. What an Indian mile? Three English miles. What a Spanish, Polish, and Dutch mile? About three miles and a half English.

What a Scotch and Irish mile? About a mile and a half English. What an Arabian mile? A mile and a quarter English.

What a German mile? Little more than four English miles.

What a Swedish, Danish, and Hungarian mile? From five six English miles. There are five grand varieties the human race but they imperceptibly approach, and are lost in each other.

First the white and brownish nations Europe, western Asia, and the north coast Africa who, according our notions beauty, are the handsomest and best formed the human race. Next the yellow or olive coloured Chinese, Monguls, Calmucs, and other eastern nations Asia, with whom may reckoned the most northerly european Indian tribes, having flat foreheads, little eyes, and wide mouths.

Thirdly the copper coloured european Indians, dispersed over the entire continent with broad faces, bristly hair, and stout essay services masculine writers help online limbs. Fourthly the jet black negroes and other Africans various shades black, having woolly hair, thick lips, flat noses, prominent chins, and downy skins. Fifthly the darli brown Australians, the continent, and in the islands the Pacific cheapest essays writing services and Indian oceans, with large features, strong hair, broad nostrils and great who can i pay to write my essay mouths. But all men are the offspring one common parent and among the varieties, the swarthy negro and the delicate European are brethren, descended from the same ancestor.

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One often surprised, when talking with little boys, find them so ignorant many things, which they ought have known as well as their own names.

I was questioning one, at least eight years old, the other day, who knew neither the number days, weeks, or months there are in the year. He could not tell whether the sun rose in the east or the west, and was equally ignorant whether his pocket was made of hemp, flax, or wool. There are things certainly more important for him know than these, but should make my custom essay himself better acquainted with Every boy ought know, that has five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting that the year has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter that the earth turns round, and travels round the sun that the world composed land and water, and divided into six parts, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Oceania or Polynesia that there are four cardinal points, east, west, north, and south that gold, silver and other metals, and coal are dug out the earth diamonds are found the land, and pearls are found in the sea. That boy must ignorant indeed, who does not know, that bread is made the flower wheat butter from cream, and cheese from milk that when help with writing flour mingled with yeast, makes leavened, or light bread, and that when no yeast used, the bread heavy or unleavened. The passover cakes the Jews, the biscuits eaten sailors, and the barley bread Scotland are all unleavened. A boy ought, at an early age, be acquainted with such things as are in common use but I have frequently found necessary explain young people, that sugar made from the juice the sugar cane in the Indies that tea whats the name of the website that writes essays for you the dried leaves custom writing usa of a shrub which grows in China, about the size a currant bush that coifee the berry a bush growing in Arabia and the West Indies and that chocolate manufactured from cacao and vanilla. Many boys know very well that ale and beer are made with malt and hops, cider from apples, and perry from pears who not know, that wine urgent custom essays the juice the grape that help writing a thesis statement brandy distilled from wine, rum from sugar, and gin from juniper berries. And they have been equally ignorant that oranges, citrons, and lemons grow in Spain and the western islands and spices in in the East Indies, and other parts that pepper and cloves are fruits of shrubs nutmegs, the kernels a fruit like a peach cinnamon, the bark a tree and ginger and rhubarb, the roots plants. A greatdeal this kind knowledge may obtained in a little time young people, if they keep their eyes and ears open, and now and then ask a question of those who are wiser than themselves. I know a father who very anxious that his children should psychology essay writing services obtain useful knowledge, and I heard him explain them the other day, that salt sea water, or salt water dried glue, the sinews, feet, and skins animals, boiled down cork, the bark a tree flax, the fibres the stalk a plant resembling a nettle and tow, the refuse hemp.

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