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He must, if called upon the court, give his grounds for his belief, and these may rigorously examined by counsel. He will also probably asked as the presumable duration life and possibly the effect operation. Thus the prisoner's immediate liberty or restraint may depend upon the surgeon's words. Perhaps the only advice which can offered here qualify between injuries directly dangerous life and those in which life endangered merely possible complications, such as sepsis, gangrene, etc. Still, aside from wounds which are either fatal or may nearly completely recovered from, there another quite large class those causing grievous bodily harm in which a question creative writing websites for students for the jury always decide what was the intent the accused.

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A medical witness may thus in such a case great assistance the court giving an account the injury devoid technicalities, and its possible consequences.

It should also always stated, if known, whether the patient was under the influence liquor or any narcotic at the moment injury. In the examination wounds either the living or dead body, should always determined for medico-legal purposes whether there about them fluid or coagulated blood or ecchymosis, buying term papers that livid discoloration the skin from effused blood. The color the ecchymotic spot will give a valuable clew as the time between the infliction the wound and death.

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Putrefaction such a wound must not mistaken for gangrene.

In giving reports such cases care should be taken distinguish essay help chat room between facts and inferences.

In fact, the inferences had better kept unreported or confined a Should there any possible suspicion a combination of poisoning and gunshot wound, the stomach-contents should be carefully preserved and sealed in the presence witnesses before turning over the same the analytical chemist, whose writing dissertation receipt for the package, with a careful description the same, will probably have placed in evidence.

Any fact the condition the stomach with regard digestion always worth noting. In the case Reg. Spicer order custom paper Berks Lent Assizes, a most important point hinged the examination the stomach.

The bod was found at the foot a stairway. The prisoner stated that after and his wife had had their dinner heard a fall. The woman had died instantaneously and the death occurred pay someone to write paper about the dinner-hour. Upon examination the stomach was found empty, without a trace food. It therefore, clear that a part at least the prisoner's Evidence as whether the wounds were superficial or deep may value. If the edges are swollen or large, or if granulation or cicatrization have commenced, evident that the person must have lived some hours or some days after their reception. The same true suppuration, adhesion, or gangrene. It must also remembered in this connection that xevy few gunshot wounds will show much change in less than ten or twelve hours save that due the extravasation blood. Should the question come as whether a gunshot wound had been inflicted before or after death, may remember the principal characteristics a wound inflicted during life, which are more or less eversion, more or less hemorrhage with diffusion blood into the tissues, and the presence clots. In a wound made after death little or no blood effused, unless it come from some vessel very near the surface, in which case it will venous in character and will not coagulate as does that which poured out a wound in the living.

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