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A gentleman was shot at while driving home a dark night, being wounded in the leg. When saw the flash the gun saw that the piece was levelled toward him, and the light the flash enabled him recognize at once the features the accused. In cross-examination said education dissertation topics was quite sure could see novel writing helper the prisoner and was not mistaken as to his identity but the accused was skilfully defended and he was acquitted.

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A similar case was tried at the Lewes Lent Assizes, Reg.


The prisoner shot at the prosecutor a dark December evening, and the latter swore that distinctly saw the prisoner the flash the gun and could identify him the light his features. His evidence was corroborated and the man was convicted. A case also quoted, Rex Haines, in which some police officials were shot at by a highwayman during a dark night.

One these stated that could distinctly see from the flash the pistol that the robber custom order essays rode a dark-brown horse remarkable shape, and that had since identified the horse at a stable in London.

He also was positive that the prisoner had a rough brown great-coat. There seems enough evidence in this direction show that identification under these circumstances occasionally GENERAL MEDICO-LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS.

The result the wonderful advance in the practice surgery professional paper writing services made during the past fifteen years has been in a large measure revolutionize the treatment gunshot wounds, and inasmuch as the result many homicidal attempts will depend in large measure upon what the surgeon can for the victim assault, may not amiss very briefly epitomize in this place something what modern surgeons believe with regard GENERAL MEDICO-LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS.

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the best treatment bullet-wounds, expressed in a general way.

They help writing dissertation have learned, among other things, that the harm which a bullet does done during its flight, and that after has come a stop per an almost invariably harmless foreign body. This practically always the case unless has carried in with foreign material which may serve as a source septic infection. In time past there has always been a strong feeling, which had, however, i need help writing an apa paper nothing scientific justify that every gunshot wound was a poisoned one. Of late, since bacteriology has attained the proportion a science, has been held that bullets were necessarily sterilized the heat the discharge powder nursing thesis cheap assignment writing service behind them.

Very recently Dr. Von Beck, Medical Director German Army Corps, has made experiments paying someone to write a paper upon the amount heat imparted demystifying dissertation writing leaden and other bullets after firing. After making an allowance for specific heat and the conductivity the different metals used, found that even when the pay for paper projectiles encountered resistance from three four times greater than that offered the human body the results were as follows Temperature leaden bullets. calibre, when recovered. calibre, covered with steel, when recovered. calibre, covered with copper, when recovered, He states that these experiments disprove the theory that certain lesions in wounds can in any attributed the heat imparted the bullet. While these experiments prove that the bullets may heated the above degrees when recovered, the no means prove that they are heated at the time when they inflicted the wound. During the ear some very interesting experiments were carried Dr.

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