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Then take careful note the position, direction, form, and size the cut and the apparent sharpness common app essay help of the weapon in the several layers, and see if they correspond with one another and with the wounds the body in those various particulars.

In imputed wounds the clothes are generally cut when off the body and can seldom best dissertation editing services done as deceive a careful examiner. Several wounds cannot exist in the same region the body without some being bloody and showing the marks the clothes. Even a single wound the clothes generally shows blood the inner surface if there a corresponding wound the body underneath.

In simulated and imputed injuries the blood-stain may the outside the clothing instead the inside, showing that was artificial and not natural. An impostor may either too much or too little, and the medical witness should guard against both alternatives. dissertation proposal services Taylor mentions a case which occurred in London some time ago, in which there were two cuts in the shirt near together exactly alike in size, form, and direction, making evident that the weapon had gone through a fold the shirt. This proved that the shirt could not have been worn at the time was cut, for if the shirt was folded while the body the weapon must have gone through the fold and then through another layer shirt, making three cuts instead two, or five instead four, before could have reached the body. This and other facts made self-infliction the slight wound the chest probable.

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Need help on research paper

The same author cites another case showing the imperfect manner in which the cuts in the clothes are made in imputed wounds, the clothes being off the body at the time.

The case occurred in Nottingham, the accused being charged with wounding the plaintiff the highwaj stabbing him in the arm, though there was no robbery or other motive for the act. The coat and shirt sleeve were found cut, but there was no corresponding cut in the lining the coat sleeve. The charge was clearl false, and was trumped bj the youth who was the plaintiff because wished leave the place where had been sent for private study. In examining a case where the self-inflicted nature imputed wounds in question, the following are some the many points keep in mind in the examination and be ascertained the examination The relative position of the plaintiff and the assailant at the time the alleged attack.

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Med. Jurisprudence. This can compared with the position as stated the phxintiff or help writing essay homework other witnesses. The situation, direction, depth, nature, and number the wounds.

The situation and direction blood-marks or wounds the dress or person either or both.

The marks blood and the i need help with my english paper quantity at the spot the alleged struggle. The signs a struggle and the various i need help writing my research paper other points circumstantial evidence gone over in considering suicidal and homicidal wounds. Though a severe blow may cause a slight mark, does not follow that a slight mark implies a severe injury, else the exception made the rule. The inconsistency the story the plaintiff generally paflpable that imposture evident, but prejudice and unjust suspicion are often excited against those accused. Thus Taylor states that a strong suspicion was raised against the then Cumberland, in reference the death Sellis, when a skilful examination the wounds the deceased would have shown that they might have been self-inflicted. The same author also cites the case, was tried for an alleged murderous assault or imputed murderous strangulation his servant.

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