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Persons entitled registration, neglecting or omitting register, are not entitled any rights or privileges conferred the act.

System Practice.

No person otherwise qualified shall refused registration or license account the adoption or the refusal adopt the practice any particular theory of medicine or surgery. In case refusal the aggrieved party may appeal the governor in council, who required, on due cause shown, issue an order the council register his name and grant him a license practise, and thereupon years standing, appointed as provided in the act, and known as the Newfoundland Medical Board, whose duties relate, among other things, the making and enforcing measures necessary for the regulation and the practice medicine The board authorized appoint examiners and fix times The secretary the board the registrar.

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Register, Evidence. It the duty the registrar on or before January st in each year cause published in the Royal Gazette Newfoundland a list the names of all persons appearing the register at that date, with their places residence, titles, diplomas, and qualifications as conferred any college or body, with the date. Such register called the Medical Register, and a cop thereof prima facie evidence that the persons therein specified are registered according the and the absence a name therefrom prima facie evidence that such person is Qualification.

The members the board form a body of medical examiners diplomas and degrees, whose certificate shall the only license permitting the practice medicine, surgery, or midwifery, except as hereinafter provided, provided the applicant for such license shall previously have obtained a medical diploma from a recognized college or universit, or as hereinafter provided. Every person entitled have his name entered the register coursework writer satisfying the board that holds a degree or diploma from some regular university or school medicine in good standing, and shall then receive from the board a license bearing its seal, the payment the registrar, and shall have his name entered the register. No such licensed practitioner shall entitled practise in Ally year without taking out from the board, before the st of January in every year, a certificate practice for which he patients. The act provides the requirements for entering the study write my philosophy paper medicine, surgery, or midwifery in the colony Duties Board.

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The board required examine all degrees and other credentials produced or given in evidence under the act for the purpose enabling the owners practise, and, if deemed necessary, oblige the owner attest on oath or affidavit that the person whose name mentioned therein, and that has become possessed the same lawful The board required cause every member the profession practising in Newfoundland enter his name, age, place residence, date license or diploma and where was obtained, the register.

Neglect Register.

A person entitled registered, who neglects or omits apply, not entitled any the rights or privileges conferred the act long as the neglect or Additional Qualification. A person registered who obtains a higher degree or diploma entitled have inserted in the register in addition or in substitution for those previously registered. Rights Registered Persons. A person properly registered under the act entitled practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery in any part the colony, and demand and recover reasonable charges for professional aid or advice with the cost medicine or other medical buy a paper and surgical appliance supplied him. Unregistered Persons. No person whose name not registered under the act entitled recover any fees for any medical or surgical advice, or for any services whatsoever rendered in the capacity a medical man, nor recover the payment of charges for any medicine or medical or surgical appliance which maj have been both prescribed and supplied him. This clause not intended interfere with the practice midwifery competent females as hereinafter provided. Offences and Penalties. Except as hereinafter provided, if a person not registered or licensed under the act practises medicine, surgery, or midwifery for hire, gain, help sic or reward, or wilfully and falsely pretends a physician, doctor medicine, surgeon, or general practitioner, or takes or uses any name, title, addition description, implying or calculating sic deceive or lead the public infer that registered under this act, or who proposes public advertisement, card, circular, or otherwise, practise medicine, coursework writing help surgery, or midwifery, or give advice therein, or in anywise lead people infer that qualified practise medicine, surgerj, or midwifery, shall forfeit for each daj that practises or leads people infer that a practitioner, or shall suffer imprisonment not exceeding twelve months. Persons violating the above regulations are subject the penalties the act and in all cases the burden proof as to qualification upon the defendant or practitioner. Expulsion Member. The Newfoundland Medical Board may try and expel any member the profession for acts malpractice, misconduct, or immoral habits, provided five-sevenths the whole research paper helper number record their signatures to Exceptions.

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