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´╗┐By candidates for examination, To county clerk, for recording certificate. Qualification, Exceptions. After October, no person shall for comi ensation, gain, or reward, received or expected, treat, operate, or prescribe for any injury, deformity, ailment, or disease, actual or imaginary, another person, nor practise surgery or midwifery unless or until has obtained a certificate registration, and then only in the kind or branch practice stated in the certificate, but the act does not apply dentists practising dentistry essay revision service only, nor any person in the employ the European Union Government while acting in the writing services thesis scope his employment, nor medical or surgical assistance in cases sudden emergency, who needs to write a thesis nor any person residing out the State who shall employed come into the State to assist or consult with any physician or surgeon who has been registered in conformity with the act, nor any physician or surgeon then actually residing out the State who shall be employed come into the State treat, operate, or prescribe for any injury, deformity, ailment, or disease from which any person suffering at the time when such non-resident physician or surgeon employed, nor an actual resident of dissertation paper this State recommending advertisement or otherwise the use proper remedies sold under trade-marks issued the United States Government, nor any chiropodist or clairvoyant not using in his practice any drugs, medicines, or poisons, nor any person practising the massage method or Swedish movement cure, sun cure, mind cure, magnetic healing, or Medical science, nor any other person who does not use or prescribe in his treatment mankind drugs, poisons, medicine, chemicals, or nostrums. Anj resident the State who, at the time the passage of the act, was or previously had been actually engaged in the State in the practice medicine, surgery, midwiferj, or any alleged practice healing, may, help writing thesis before October, file with the State board health duplicate statements subscribed and sworn him upon blanks furnished said board, giving his name, age, and place birth and present write my essay 4 me residence, stating whether a graduate any medical college or not, and what college, and the date graduation, and if practising under a license from any the medical societies the State, which society and the date such license and the length time has been engaged in practice in the State, and also elsewhere, and whether in general practice or in a special branch medicine or surgery, and what branch. On receipt of such statements, the board shall issue a certificate registration which shall state the kind or branch practice in which Any person who shall, subsequent October, file with said board such duplicated statements, showing that is a graduate a medical college recognized as reputable any chartered medical society the State, shall receive a certificate registration which shall state the kind or branch practice in which the person named therein engaged or engaged.

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Any person residing in any town in another State which town adjoins paper writer services the boundary line Connecticut, who was actually engaged in such town, at the time the passage the act, in the practice medicine, surgery, or midwifery, or any branch practice, may before October, obtain from the said board a like certificate filing such duplicated statements also showing that entitled such certificate under Except as above provided, no person shall after cheap writing services uk October, obtain a certificate registration until has passed a satisfactory examination before a committee appointed said board, nor until has filed with the said board duplicate certificates as aforesaid, signed a majority one said examining commissioners, stating that they have found him qualified practise either medicine, surgery, or midwifery, and any person filing said certificates shall receive from said board a certificate registration.

The State board health, in January, appoint three examining commissions, each five physicians nominated respectively the Connecticut Medical Society, the Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society, and the Connecticut Eclectic Medical Association, and recommended the said societies respectively as persons competent serve upon the said examining commissions. essay writing service legit Appointments are made thereafter from time time similar nominations, The State board health shall designate when and where the commissions shall hold examinations, but shall call a meeting a commission within thirty days after the receipt an application for examination.

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Applicants shall examined in anatomy, physiology, medical chemistry, obstetrics, hygiene, surgery, pathology, diagnosis, and therapeutics, including practice and materia medica.

Each commission shall frame its own questions and conduct its examinations in writing, and both questions and answers shall placed file with the board. Each applicant may choose which the commissions will examined. After rejection any examining commission, the applicant shall not eligible examination another commission until after the expiration twelve months. On the receipt duplicate statements, the board shall trans mit one them with a duplicate certificate registration to the town clerk the town where the person filing the statement resides, and if does not reside in the State the town clerk the town in the State nearest his place residence, and said clerk shall record the same and return them the person who filed them with the board..

The secretary each medical society shall file with the secretary the State board health a list medical colleges or institutions recognized as legal and reputable his society or all such secretaries may agree upon a single list, and such list may corrected from time time. Penalty.

The violation shall a misdemeanor, punishable with a fine for the first offence, and for each subsequent offence a fine or imprisonment in the county jail for from thirty ninety days, or both, swearing falsely a statement is To the State board health, filing statements or certificates. To examining commission, before examination, their expenses not exceeding.

To the town clerk, State board health out the amount paid for recording, cents. Qualification. It unlawful practise medicine or surgery without a license Laws amended Laws. The medical board examiners for the State must grant a license any person applying therefor who shall produce a diploma from a respectable medical college, or shall, upon full and impartial examination, found qualified for such practice Stats.. The board consists as many fellows the Medical Society Delaware as the society deems The clerk the peace a county, presentation a license issued the board examiners the Homoeopathic Medical Society Delaware State and Peninsula, under its corporate seal, signed its president and countersigned its secretary, or the license provided, the Revised Statutes, or the affidavit a person that or she has practised medicine or surgery for eight years continuously in the State, and upon such person registering his name, the date his graduation and college if a graduate, and his place intended residence, must issue a license. A person opening a transient office or assigning a transient office printed or written advertisement, must comply with the foregoing provisions and pay special license fee for a license good only for one year Laws. Penalty.

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